Publisher and editor of, reporter and commentator for, an on-line (both web-based and e-mailed) newsletter dealing with business issues in the high tech community in Chicago, IL and Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Report is a combination of gossip and rumor, serious reporting, opinions, press releases, event listings, “scoops,” reader comments, etc. Topics are tied to growth issues for start-ups through the IPO stage of development, and there is some discussion of firms like Tellabs, EMC and Motorola.

Ron is a combination of watch dog, pot-stirrer, investigator, rumor monger, personality in his own right. He attends many local tech meetings and reports on the contents of the speeches and panels and on the “buzz” he gathers from the attendees. People contact Ron by email and phone to give “scoops” and inside info.

The May Report started in August 1988 as a column for the Chicago Computer Guide, a free monthly trade rag distribued in boxes throughout the Chicaagoland area. In August 1992, May shifted his focus from general IT career and trends issues to a discussion of the high tech and entrepreneurial world in Chicago software. In 1997, May started the email newsletter, TheMayReport.com, which now goes out to 20,000 readers about three times a week. At its peak, TMR was published between seven and ten times a week.

The industries covered include biotech, nanotech, energy, chemicals, IT, internet, telecomm, broadband and fiber initiatives, community wireless issues, digital divide issues, technology commercialization, governmental and non-governmental programs to foster economic development, venture capital, angel investing, M&A deals, and more.

The common denominator is Chicago and entrepreneurial firms. Also, May is known as a polemicist who challenges the ethics and effectiveness of many programs, organizations and businesses. He generally tries to stand up for the little guy, and eschews publicity seekers, self-promoters and poseurs.