The May Report: Final Report – No Really

Let me start this, my final report, by saying, Jerry, you were right.  You outlived me. Without boring anyone with the lengthy details of my long failing health (just check out the last ten years of archives for the complete history of my journey to this moment), let me bring you up to speed.  I checked into St. Joseph’s Hospital on Friday June 14th near midnight because of an infection in my right foot.  It stunk so badly that my presence could be smelled a block before I arrived.  After several days of dealing with doctors and being pumped with antibiotics, the “healers” determined that it was limb threatening and the foot or leg may have to go.

I was wheeled into the operating theatre on Wednesday, June 19th early morning.  While in recovery, at 9:01 a.m. I stopped breathing and my biology was calling the shots. Despite much prayer and hope it was Game Over.

So if you have sent me any emails recently, don’t expect a response.

I had become less than motivated about the report over the past couple of years, which may have had as much to do with in increasing inability to get around easily as my general waning interest in Chicago’s tech community and this new generation of players.  I had seen much of this before, during our first run up.  Only now, many of the old retreads were still around making more noise than impact, and the most interesting entrepreneurs we’re leaving for anyplace but Chicago as soon as they showed a glimmer of promise.  Was I motivated to investigate and castigate yet another generation, in turn alienating myself?  Not really, once the Flips of the world had left the building, the party just wasn’t as much fun.

There are no doubts that many of you are a breathing a sigh of relief that they’ll never be the subject of another snarky headline or personally intrusive investigation.  You know who you are; I don’t have to remind anyone of my favorite subjects.  And then there’s my personal cast of Grabowskis, the folks who have been my “friends,” writers, confidantes, sounding boards, informants and midnight gabbing buddies.  You can all turn your phones off vibrate; there won’t be any more 2 AM calls.  We had a good run and I leave this life with no real regrets, at least none that I can print.  And to all those who are in the midst of suing me or were planning on doing so in the future, if you couldn’t get money from a rock, try getting it from a pile of ashes! 

I understand that my old Peanut Gallery is planning on throwing a party for me.   They’ll use my mailing list and this report to provide anyone who cares with the details, it will be in July.  Go ahead, get really, really drunk, act inappropriately and know that this time I won’t be there with a microphone to capture you in your moment of excess and write it up in the most embarrassing manner the next day.  Have a good time; you’ll have one more card in your pocket at the end of the night.  And until we meet again Jerry, Dave, Jeff (both of you), Steve, Terry, Gary, Nik, Bob, Fred, Brian, Chris, Flip, Phil, Paul, and the rest of you, your secrets are safe with me, I have carried them to the grave.

Thank you everyone for contributing to make the Themayreport – the essence of my life.

It’s been my life’s labor of love and passion.

One of my favorite videos    

I’ve left many voicemails over the years. Here’s just one of many   

One of my favorite movie lines: v=8vY-4zWKsJM  

BTW, My Mom is doing well after her heart surgery, may she live a long healthy life.

I love you Mom for all you’re support and love over the years, no matter how difficult I was.

To all my family, friends, faithful readers, supporters, detractors, gadflies, cronies and anyone else I hit my cane, I am signing off one last time.

Till we all meet again. I have to go now. This really is my final report. 

Ronald Peter May left this world on June 23rd 2013 at 11:47 p.m. 

I wanted a Celebration of Life and details of my celebration party will be forthcoming.

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