The May Report: 9/7/2012: Andrea Moran, writing about you today is a tough decision for me because I understand that you are in a grieving process for your mom, so…

The May Report: 9/7/2012: Andrea Moran, writing about you today is a tough decision for me because I understand that you are in a grieving process for your mom, so the timing is not good, and it rarely is, but I too have to sleep at night with a clear conscience. Andrea, if you were quietly going about your business as many people do, it might be a different story, but then Andrea, I thought of all those groups and organizations in which left your “imprimatur” such as Built in Chicago, Funding Feeding Frenzy, Len Bland and his gang, Executive Board of TechWeek, University of Illinois, Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, mentoring at the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center/1871, IL Launch, Polsky Center, and you regularly speak on panels, and judge venture pitches. Those organizations/groups, etc. are trying to develop their reputations too and nothing can wreck a reputation so quickly as association with someone whose ethics and credentials can be questioned. My concern Andrea, is that they can be dragged through the mud if, for example, you win an accolade from Built in Chicago, as you were just this Wednesday nominated for an award Andrea as one of the “women driving Chicago’s digital renaissance.”; If you were to win the award, that could end up being a huge embarrassment for Built in Chicago. No Andrea, you’re not quiet and hidden away as a church mouse. “You had to be a big shot, didn’t cha / You had to open up your mouth” as Billy Joel says, so my job then is to set the record straight, and the record is that your so-called resume is a mixture of fabrications and omissions. You can open the report now. On 12/9/2011, I wrote this about you: “Let me ask you, what is not to like about Andrea Moran? She is smart, very personable, good looking — the whole deal.” Andrea, unfortunately, your claim on your LinkedIn profile (along with your 500+ connections) states that you started Marengo Hampshire Partners in 2006, but we know Andrea that in 2006 you were working for Career Builders, and in 2008 Andrea, you were the Director of Sales for Accolo, and it’s a funny thing about my obsession with card collecting, Andrea, but on 12/19/2008, your name appears in my report in a list of “pre-registered people for the SIIA brown bag lunch on September 24th, 2008,” not as Marengo Hampshire, Partners Andrea, but rather as Sales Director at Accolo, (your number was 312-952-3221 and email was, a company headquartered in Larkspur, CA; and there is more to come, but let me hold off on that for now. The key point is that you had a checkered job history dating back at least to your time at A. T. Kearney in 2002. Not only do we not know the circumstances of your departures from Kearney, Career Builders and Accolo, nor do we know what you were doing in 2009. The entire Marengo Hampshire history dating back to 2006 is a charade and a chimera — your EIN did not come until May 2009 and Articles of Incorporation were in 2010, and when exactly did you and Alexandra Zaporozec have your first “deal”? That reminds me, Andrea, of Logan LaHive’s talk at Tech Cocktail on August 8th, when he emphasized the details of how got its very first client, the exact day it happened, etc. but by contrast with Marengo Hampshire Partners, we have no such details on the deals and there is a pattern of secrecy, according to my sources. Conveniently, your LinkedIn profile makes no mention whatsoever of Career Builders and Accolo, but Andrea, this information is all on the internet at such sites as, and if you just type in ‘Andrea Moran director of sales’ into Google, you get things like
and spelling mistakes Andrea litter your profile in LinkedIn such as Execuitve Search and BS, Politcal Science and Business at University of Wisconsin-Madison but Andrea, my standard practice being to check on degree claims (Jeff Willinger being a good example of an offender in that category with his non-existent MBA from Kellogg), your name does not appear in the alumni directory which I’ve had a few people check out and Andrea, conveniently, there is no year given for the degree; by the way, I know something is up when I get calls or emails from friends of folks I may write about, either checking on my plans and/or pleading someone’s case — that has now happened twice with Andrea and a few times with Seth Kravitz, so usually when there’s smoke, there’s fire

Editor and publisher: Ron May, ron@,, www., 773-525-3944.

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The Scoop section:

— Andrea Moran’s LinkedIn profile

[Editor’s note: May here. I’ll have another report early this afternoon. I’m still kicking myself for having not known about the Built in Chicago gathering on Wednesday night and therefore not having gone. Maria Katris will see that I’m notified every month in the future.]
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The Scoop section:
Andrea Moran’s LinkedIn profile
Andrea Moran
Co-Founder / Managing Partner
Greater Chicago Area Staffing and Recruiting


Co-Founder / Managing Partner at Marengo Hampshire Partners

A.T. Kearney Executive Search
, Parson Consulting
, DHR International


BS, Politcal Science and Business at University of Wisconsin-Madison

500+ connections

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Andrea is truly passionate about connecting people and watching those connections grow into successful partnerships and businesses. She co-founded Marengo Hampshire Partners because she saw a gap in the overall recruiting marketplace. Her objective was to innovate within a transaction-oriented industry and pioneer a partnership alignment model that delivers real value and long-term relationships. Recruiting firms lead with placement; Marengo Hampshire’s model aligns directly with clients to foster true win-win results.

Andrea’s clients range from emerging venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 50 enterprises globally. She has built Advisory Boards, Board of Directors, working management and cross-functional teams, in addition to placing individual executives across all functional areas of a company. She has successfully placed candidates in the fields of enterprise software, technology, consumer products, life sciences, non-for-profit, finance, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing/distribution, bio and healthcare.

Andrea continues to give back to the community and has serves on several key philanthropic boards, Advisory Boards and Board of Directors of emerging companies.
She is Chairman Emeritus of EA Auxiliary Board of the Art Institute of Chicago, a member of the The Executives Club, serves on the advisory boards of MoneyThink, Longtail Media as well as other start-up companies nationally. As integral part of Chicago’s “start-up” infrastructure she’s on the Executive Board of TechWeek, University of Illinois, Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, is a mentor to the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center/1871, IL Launch, Polsky Center, and regularly speaks on panels, judges venture pitches and is regularly interviewed on the topic of human capital and how start-ups and fast-growing companies should hire for their companies.

Executive Search, Recruiting, Consulting, Organizational Build Out, Short and Long-term Hiring, Business Development, Operations, Strategy, Start-Ups, Negotiation and Tactical Execution, Building and Developing Teams, Board Room Presentations, Hunter Personality, Consultative Sales Approach, Best Practices, Leadership, Building Strong Client Relationships, Go-To-Market Strategy, Management, Project Management
Co-Founder / Managing Partner
Marengo Hampshire Partners
Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Staffing and Recruiting industry
2006 – Present (6 years)
In today’s marketplace, the ability to find the very best talent with the right qualifications has never been greater. Industry and economic volatility have lead to deep, broad and turbulent pools of available talent. Our role is to assist our clients in identifying, validating, and recruiting the very best whether they are in the market or with your key competitor. We have the privileged responsibility of recruiting leaders who will make a difference for our clients, their shareholders and the markets in which they serve.
It is no coincidence that the companies who have made the appropriate human capital investments are the same companies that are dominating the market segments in which they compete. Marengo Hampshire gives you the edge you need to compete in the “war on talent” in your landscape.

Marengo Hampshire Partners, an Executive Search and Consulting firm that provides early-stage, small, and mid-size companies a competitive advantage through director-to-executive level talent, leadership strategy and acquisition services, with a primary focus on companies in the following sectors: Private Equity, Technology, Energy, Sustainable Enterprise, Services and Life Sciences.

Recommend Andrea’s work at Marengo Hampshire Partners
Director of Operations
A.T. Kearney Executive Search
Public Company; 201-500 employees; EDS; Staffing and Recruiting industry
1999 – 2002 (3 years)
Recommend Andrea’s work at A.T. Kearney Executive Search

Manager of Consulting
Parson Consulting
Public Company; 201-500 employees; MCG; Management Consulting industry
1996 – 1999 (3 years) Chicago, IL
Andrea has 1 recommendation (1 manager) including:
2nd Cindy Lu, Regional Managing Director, Parson Group k.n.a. Parson Consulting
Recommend Andrea’s work at Parson Consulting

Execuitve Search
DHR International
Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Staffing and Recruiting industry
1992 – 1996 (4 years) Chicago, IL
Recommend Andrea’s work at DHR International
Skills & Expertise
Business Development
Go-to-market Strategy
Project Management
Executive Search

University of Wisconsin-Madison
BS, Politcal Science and Business
Recommend Andrea’s work at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Recommendations For Andrea

Manager of Consulting
Parson Consulting
“Andrea is a strong business executive and has very strong organizational skills with a broad range of talents. Call for more details.” April 6, 2009

2nd Cindy Lu, Regional Managing Director, Parson Group k.n.a. Parson Consulting
managed Andrea at Parson Consulting
Additional Information
Websites: • Company Website
Professional Networking, Learning about New Compnanies, Foreign Relations, Politics, Travel, Skiing, Tennis, Gourmet Cooking, Wine, Photography
Groups and Associations:
Chairman Emeritus and Board Member, Auxiliary Board of the The Art Institute of Chicago, Executives Club of Chicago, Council of Foreign Relations, Women’s Technology Roundtable, Executive Board of TechWeek, Chicago Entrepreneurial Center, 1871, Built In Chicago, TiE, Board of IL Launch, Numerous business boards.

1871 Join
A.T. Kearney Alumni Join
Band of Entrepreneurs Join
Built In Chicago Join
CEO/ CIO/COE/COO/CFO/Head/VP/ Director/President Level – Senior Leadership Group Join
ChiPreneurs: The Community for Chicago Entrepreneurs Join
Chicago Recruiter Roundtable Join
Global Jobs Network Join
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Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators Innovation Network by Gerald Haman Join
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TED: Ideas Worth Spreading Join
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The Recruitment Network Join
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni Group Join
Venture Capital Cafe (+6200 Members) Join
Personal Information
312-224-8838 (Work)
211 W. Wacker Drive
2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

Contact Andrea for:

Please feel free to contact Marengo Hampshire Partners at 312.224.8838 or email me at:

●career opportunities
●consulting offers
●new ventures
●job inquiries
●expertise requests
●business deals
●reference requests
●getting back in touch
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