The May Report: 2/29/2012: Leap of faith: I guess I’m no longer a Technori vestal since I attended the after party and surveyed about 50 people — the results were…

The May Report: 2/29/2012: Leap of faith: I guess I’m no longer a Technori
vestal since I attended the after party and surveyed about 50 people — the
results were that the #1 presentation, partly because of the usefulness of the
idea, and partly because of the clear, concrete, and crisp presentation was founded by Jeb Ory (I’m not sure if 5degrees is just a new name for
The App House); tied for 2nd but much further down on the list would be Jason
Goodrich’s ShortList (fka A Space Apart) and Jarrett Colby and Andre Marques who
“just came out of the development cave” have a contract product called It’s
Agreed —; Mole detective and Viewpoints got a few votes and in
Matt Moog’s case, it appeared to be from people who already knew him and the
biz; I went to Matt Lamb’s memorial service Sunday on a spy mission, and found
it to be very invigorating and uplifting — a true Irish wake with the New
Orleans style marching band (members of the Cerqua Rivera jazz orchestra)
playing When the Saints Go Marchin’ In and in the video montage they played two
of Matt’s favorite songs: The Wall by Pink Floyd and Losing My Religion by R. E.
M. — the event was a true celebration of Matt Lamb’s expansive life and spirit
and as Cardinal Joseph Bernardin told Matt on his death bed, “Matt, the time for
posturing is over.” As the Roman poet Gaius Valerius Catullus wrote in his
elegiac poem, ave atque vale, Hail and Farewell — the tone of the entire
service reflected Matt Lamb’s lifelong commitment to art as a vehicle toward
world peace as illustrated by his umbrella initiative; there were priests,
reverends, rabbis and imams in attendance along with hundreds of mourners; btw,
the food catered by Blue Plate was great, and did you know that Chicago has 57
sister cities worldwide, including Galway (Giallimh), on the west coast of
Ireland and the country’s fastest growing city; and yes Doug Stukel of was there and as he darted away from me he said he can’t talk to
me but later on, one of his associates who would not give me his name and who
struck me as though he was out of central casting for The Sapranos told me I had
no idea what they were doing with Matt Lamb and I was not showing enough respect
for the occasion

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Louis Brandeis: “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for
social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of

frequently attributed to Edmund Burke: “All that is
necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” but the quote
and its many variations have been the subject of dispute. See
for more.

“Larsen E. Whipsnade”: You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man (1939), a
comedy film starring and scripted by W. C. Fields

Andre’ Gide (1869 –
1951) in his “Les Nourritures Terrestres. Envoi:”:
“What another would have
done as well as you, do not do it. What another would have said as well as you,
do not say it; written as well, do not write it. Be faithful to that which
exists nowhere but in yourself — and thus make yourself
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The Scoop section:

— This just in: Jarrett Colby:
Technori & It’s Agreed
— Next Tuesday, we have the IMSA competition, and
remember IMSA produced the people who created YouTube and PayPal
— Things
are moving fast and furious at the University of Illinois:read the faculty
letter (petition) calling for the resignation of President Michael J. Hogan and
Hogan has said he will address the faculty today
— Chicago Tribune: 130 top
scholars call for U. of I. president’s ouster; Trustees chairman says board
backs school leader
— Lynne Marek, I believe I owe you $7 since you finally
wrote an article that does not mention JB Pritzker in the 1st paragraph (or
ever) — that’s $5 — or Matt Moog, Troy Henikoff or Kevin Willer in the 1st 4
paragraphs — that’s $2 — (or even at all), but does cover Ferrocious: Michael
Ferro’s tabloid designs for the Sun-Times
— To quote Kevin Willer from my
August 12, 2011 interview with him, “If we’re still talking about Groupon a year
from now, we haven’t done our job,” but with articles like this one by Steve
Hendershot, we’re not going to make that deadline since we’re six months into it
— let’s be honest, Groupon was and is a statistical outlier and it’s very
unlikely that any angel group will see a repeat so we probably shouldn’t even be
talking in those terms
— Chicago Sun-Times: Tech companies welcome plan to
open six-year high schools
— Tom Churchwell of ViMedicus: Exclusive
Interview by Admin at Tinc Mag — Kathryn, great that you interviewed Tom, but
what’s the deal with no bylines?
— Kathryn, Kathryn, Kathryn, I don’t know
how you’re defining start-up, but some of the firms on your list are a stretch
—, Founded: 2003 Employees: 201-500 or,
Founded: 2001 Employees: 51-200 and they’re already at Series C
— Illinois
Governor Quinn proposes alarming funding cuts for Medicaid, HIV programs

Thursday, March 1: Clean Energy Challenge and the event notice has me confused
— it is being held at 610 S. Michigan Ave., not 200 S. Wacker, and the Booth
event on Friday is at Gleacher
— Julian Pretto: Says his event got about 200
— Miscellaneous notes from Phil Tadros, Meagan Lopez, Ross
Kimbarovsky, Jeff Carter, David Culver, Jeff Liggett and others (8 messages) —
and David Culver, lighten up, you don’t know when I’m pulling your leg and btw,
you guys seem to be doing a great job
VentureSHOT: Think and Grow Rich 16-Week Power Workshop
— Tarkus Murphy:
Simultaneous development on the Information Superglacier™ and Chicago?

Walgreens Named One of Fast Company Magazine’s Most Innovative Health Care
— Crain’s: Allstate’s LaNeve, ‘Mayhem’ mastermind, leaving company

— Tom Bennett: Special Report: Catch-22 for State of Illinois: February 27,
2012 (Update): Incentives, incentives, incentives — and Tom, I have not had
time to read this awfully long article, but I sure hope nothing is in it that
will get me
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Scoop section:
This just in: Jarrett Colby:
Technori & It’s Agreed

Technori & It’s
from: Jarrett Colby
cc: Andre Marques
date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 2:08 PM
Technori & It’s Agreed

Jarrett Colby
2:08 PM (10 minutes ago)
to ronaldmay, Andre
Thanks for the phone call today, and thanks for your support at
Technori! It was great to meet you at Rosebud.
I’ve been perusing your
newsletter archives. It’s great to see a local tech publication that’s been
successfully operating for so many years.
We’ll be sure to forward you the
link for the Technori YouTube video when it’s available. We’d also be happy to
pass on the Q&A transcript if Technori staff gives it to us. If you ever
have any more questions about It’s Agreed, please feel free to get in touch.
We’d love to hear from you.
Jarrett Colby
Headquarters LLC – the
people behind It’s Agreed
Tuesday, we have the IMSA competition, and remember IMSA produced the people who
created YouTube and PayPal

See the next Technology Genius
MIT Enterprise Forum Chicago
8:02 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
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are moving fast and furious at the University of Illinois:read the faculty
letter (petition) calling for the resignation of President Michael J. Hogan and
Hogan has said he will address the faculty today

Univ of IL news, fast
& furious!
from: Charles Stack, MPH
to: “”
date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Univ of IL news, fast & furious!
Charles Stack, MPH via
12:39 AM (7 hours ago)
this link takes you to a .pdf of the no-confidence letter signed by
some of
the UI Urbana faculty, requesting the resignation of Pres. Mike
letter is found here:
I can say is “Wow!”
Take care, Chuck
of Illinois
Board of Trustees
352 Henry Administration Building
506 S.
Wright Street, MC-350
Urbana, IL 61801
Dear Members of the Board of
This letter is a follow-up to the letter a number of us sent this
Board on January 12, 2012. Since that letter, there have been further
developments arising from the circumstances surrounding Lisa Troyer’s abrupt
resignation, as well as disclosures obtained through FOIA, all of which compel
us to resume the dialogue with you that Chairman Kennedy has invited.
particular, we wish to state for the record that we have no confidence in
Michael J. Hogan as President of this University. In our view he lacks the
values, commitments, management style, ethics, and even manners, needed to lead
this University, and his Presidency should be ended at the earliest
We reach this conclusion reluctantly and do not take the
implications of it at all lightly. We recognize that there are real costs to
ending another presidency so soon after the premature ending of that of Hogan’s
predecessor. But we, as well as many others at our institution, find the
situation with Hogan as President to be so intolerable that rectifying this
mistake would be worth the admittedly serious costs. With the arrival of
Chancellor Wise at the Urbana campus, each institution that comprises the
University of Illinois is now in strong hands; thus we are confident that the
University would be able to move forward and set its house in order.
Many of
the reasons for our reaching this conclusion were detailed in an earlier letter
that Professor Michael Moore had sent to the Board (and circulated widely) after
Chairman Kennedy responded to our original letter. In summary, those reasons
 Hogan has repeatedly demonstrated an unseemly preoccupation with the
material trappings of high office at the known cost of stirring up needless
public controversy about the expenditures of the University for those
 Hogan has exempted himself and those who immediately serve
him from the financial
discipline to which the rest of this University has
been subject in times of frozen salaries
and tight budgets.
 Hogan has
arrogated traditional Chancellor functions, such as those over athletics on
campus, into perks of his own office.
 Hogan has by-passed the chain
of command by meeting with deans and the Council of
Deans on matters of
substance without securing the presence of either our Acting
Chancellor or
Acting Provost.
 Hogan engineered the supposedly “external” consultant
report so as to make it conform
to already pre-existing desires for a
centralized, University-level enrollment, admission,
and financial aid
system, and then discussed what was essentially his report with the
Board of
Trustees without first having consulted with the faculty of this or any
 Hogan has by his own admission attempted to spy on,
interfere with, and even bully the
Senate Conference’s in-house deliberations
about possible responses to Hogan’s
enrollment proposals.
 Hogan’s acts
and omissions surrounding the now famous, fraudulent e-mails bespeak
“failure of ethical leadership” (as found by a unanimous UIUC Faculty
particularly since the person he most failed to supply with such
leadership was his Chief
of Staff, long-time friend, confidante, and one who
was intimately acquainted with what
Hogan wanted on this very issue and how
he wanted to achieve it.
 Given the circumstantial evidence provided by
Hogan’s motive, opportunity, and
characteristic modes of dealing, it has yet
to be shown to our satisfaction that Hogan did
not have an even more active
role in the composing and sending of the fraudulent e-mails
sent from his
personal assistant’s computer than has yet been revealed — although
assistant has coyly promised that “in the fullness of time” the truth
will come out about
 Hogan inappropriately directed those
administering this campus that Hogan’s disgraced
former Chief of Staff, Lisa
Troyer, be elevated to a full-time tenured appointment in the
Department of this campus – this, despite the ethical lapses of Troyer that
one (including Hogan) denies occurred, and despite the obvious conflict of
Hogan had because of Troyer’s incentive to remain silent so long as
some job security
was obtained for her.
These failings of President Hogan
are independent of what we also consider to be the
demerits of the enrollment
proposals that have been so contentious on all three campuses of
University of Illinois. We are strongly opposed to these proposals,
destructive as we think they
would be to a campus whose academic excellence
we cherish. But President Hogan’s failings
transcend this issue. Rather, the
list above is of failings personal to him and to his style
Added to these nine reasons given above is a tenth
reason, one only revealed in
documents recently produced by the central
administration, under the compulsion of the
Freedom of Information Act. We
refer to the extraordinary bullying, arrogance, disrespect, and
hubris that
Hogan displayed in chastising Phyllis Wise, this campus’ new Chancellor, while
was just two months on the job. Sounding more like Louis XIV than a
university president,
Hogan told Wise that “my goals are your goals”
(apparently necessarily so given the power structure between them as Hogan sees
it). Hogan also chastised Wise for her “lack of leadership” in not following his
directives to quell faculty opposition to the enrollment proposals; this
chastising presupposes a meaning of “leadership” whereby a leader “leads” by
doing exactly what she is told, nothing more and nothing less. Hogan also
presumed to dictate detailed “talking points” to Wise that she was to use to
overcome opposition from various deans and senators on this campus, talking
points phrased in the first person as if they were Wise’s own thoughts when they
were not. We are quite frankly appalled by this disrespectful manner of dealing
with a Chancellor of this campus, particularly one new to the job.
insulting, disrespectful, and downright bullying kinds of communications from
Hogan to our Chancellor are of a piece with Hogan’s expressed petulance and
anger at Professor Chambers and other senators last December when they openly
opposed Hogan’s enrollment plans. Hogan has thus shown us here in Illinois what
he showed those overseeing his earlier Presidency at the University of
Connecticut. As Connecticut State Senator Thomas P. Gaffey (Chair of the
Connecticut Legislature’s Education Committee and thus Hogan’s overseer there)
put it: “He [Hogan] was uncomfortable with it to the point of frustration if you
had the temerity to ask him a question. He had an imperial view of his position.
It was almost like a monarchy.” (Gaffey was so quoted in the New York
We have no need of kings on this campus, or of petty tyrants with
delusions of grandeur, particularly ones as preoccupied with their own power as
this one. We are disturbed by President Hogan’s repeated demonstration that he
is devoid of any respect for, and commitment to, the long-standing autonomy and
academic excellence of the Urbana campus, characteristics that have served this
campus well and propelled it to world-class stature. We thus write to express
both our lack of confidence in Michael Hogan and our hope that, as stewards of
the future of this institution, you will assess our reasons dispassionately, and
do the right thing for the students, staff and faculty of the University of
Illinois. That would be to ask for President Hogan’s
[Signed by about 130 faculty
Chicago Tribune: 130 top scholars
call for U. of I. president’s ouster; Trustees chairman says board backs school

Breaking news on UI President Hogan

Stack, MPH via
12:28 AM (8
hours ago)
to me
Hi Ron, I just saw this story on Chicago Tribune’s
story is moving fast, but if Pres. Hogan has the full support of the
Board of
Directors, I don’t know what leverage the Urbana faculty have.
This all seems
to be centered in Urbana, I haven’t heard peep at UIC.
Take care,
top scholars call for U. of I. president’s ouster
Trustees chairman says
board backs school leader
Comments 28Share178

University of Illinois
President Michael Hogan, left, talks with Chris Kennedy, chairman of the
university’s board of trustees, at a basketball game earlier this month. Kennedy
says the board backs Hogan’s leadership of the school’s three campuses. (Nuccio
DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune / February 5, 2012)

7:23 a.m. CST, February 29,
More than 125 of the University of Illinois’ highest profile faculty
members have said they have “no confidence” in school President Michael Hogan
and have called for his removal.
Their letter, sent Monday to the board of
trustees, is the faculty’s latest clash with the beleaguered president, whose
standing began unraveling earlier this year when his chief of staff and top
adviser resigned after anonymous, inflammatory emails sent to a key faculty
group were traced to her computer.
Hogan has been president for less than two
years, brought in to heal a campus bruised by an admissions scandal. Instead, he
is now embroiled in an internal crisis that has preoccupied the state’s flagship
public university. He has clashed with faculty over student enrollment
strategies and what some are calling an arrogant leadership style.
“In our
view he lacks the values, commitments, management style, ethics, and even
manners, needed to lead this University, and his Presidency should be ended at
the earliest opportunity,” the letter states.
The faculty members contend
Hogan has lacked financial discipline; usurped duties usually assumed by the
campus chancellor; tried to bully faculty and the chancellor on enrollment
issues; and generally has had a “failure of ethical leadership,” a criticism
levied by the Urbana-Champaign faculty Senate earlier this month.
The 130
faculty members who signed the letter make up about two-thirds of the named and
endowed professors and chairs on the Urbana-Champaign campus. Their titles
indicate they are some of the most accomplished scholars in their fields, key to
attracting students, other faculty and funding to the university.
Among the
signatories is entomology professor May Berenbaum, who was on the presidential
search advisory committee that recommended Hogan.
U. of I. board Chairman
Christopher Kennedy replied in a letter that trustees “continue to support
(Hogan’s) efforts” and said the faculty concerns are “peripheral to the core
values that we think a strong president brings.”
Kennedy praised Hogan for
being instrumental in attracting a strong leadership team and disputed some of
the faculty critiques, saying instead that Hogan has exhibited strong financial
controls and has not inappropriately intervened in campus affairs.
Hogan did
not respond to a request for comment, and U. of I. spokesman Thomas Hardy said
Hogan does not plan to resign. Hardy said that while the letter was signed by
“an impressive number of highly regarded members of the faculty,” there are
3,000 faculty members at Urbana-Champaign.
“We all recognize that it is a
distraction and takes the focus away from a lot of the good things that are
taking place,” Hardy said. “If everybody can just turn down the volume and heat
on the rhetoric and agree to do a better job of communicating and working on the
tasks at hand, everything will get back to normal.”
U. of I. economics
professor Dan Bernhardt characterized the effects of the faculty discord
differently. He said Hogan will now have a difficult time instilling a sense of
confidence in the university.
“That has a bad impact on his interactions with
donors and it is bad for the Legislature. Having a wounded leader is never a
good thing when he stays,” Bernhardt said. He said the faculty disappointment
“is not an inch deep. It is a mile deep.”
As president, Hogan oversees the
university’s campuses in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago and Springfield, and has a
salary of $651,000 this year. His vocal critics have largely been from
Urbana-Champaign, and Hogan plans to meet with the campus’ faculty leaders to
respond to their concerns, Hardy said.
Some of the backlash is a reaction to
proposals to change the way the university handles enrollment to centralize
admissions and financial aid processing among the three campuses as part of a
larger plan to more heavily promote the U. of I. system “brand.” Some faculty
are concerned that distinctions of each campus would be diminished.
In a
meeting last week, Hogan and Kennedy were applauded after telling faculty
leaders that branding recommendations are on hold and that admissions and
financial aid decisions will be made at the campus level, Hardy said. They are
still undecided on other enrollment issues, such as whether to share student
information among the three campuses and move to the Common Application used by
hundreds of universities.
The enrollment issue sparked the anonymous emails
in mid-December, when Hogan’s then-chief of staff, Lisa Troyer, allegedly posed
as a member of a faculty leadership group to try to influence debate.
who worked side by side with Hogan at three universities, has maintained that
she did not write or send the emails. An external report concluded that they
were sent from her computer and there was no evidence that anybody else,
including Hogan, knew about the messages.
Hogan has apologized for the
incident, but faculty members have said it is symptomatic of a larger management
problem. Emails released to the Tribune and other media show Hogan tried to
influence faculty decisions by methods that included directing the chancellors
to urge their faculties to support the enrollment proposals. The chancellors are
heads of the three campuses and report to Hogan.
Hogan was particularly
adversarial when writing to or about new Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Phyllis
Wise, who took over Oct. 1.
In one email, parts of which are redacted, the
president chastised Wise by saying he was “not happy” with her “lack of
leadership on enrollment management” and inability to allay faculty concerns. In
another, to Kennedy, Hogan wrote that he has reminded Wise that “my goals are
her goals” and that he hoped she would “begin to assume a strong leadership role
on this and other matters.”
The emails didn’t sit well with the faculty, who
said in their letter sent Monday that Hogan sounded more like “Louis XIV than a
university president.”
“We have no need of kings on this campus, or of petty
tyrants with delusions of grandeur,” according to the letter.
The emails,
released under the Freedom of Information Act, also prompted an online petition
signed by about 500 faculty members who express “serious doubts and concerns”
about Hogan’s leadership style.
U. of I. engineering professor Charles
Zukoski, who signed the letter, said faculty members no longer trust the
president and a consequence may be a lack of participation in university
“The tone that is in Hogan’s addresses to Chancellor Wise is
dreadful and suggests a leadership style that isn’t about discussion but about
‘My way or the highway,'” Zukoski said. “It is that sort of thing that forced me
to say, I don’t think going forward he is going to be able to manage the
Scott Irwin, the U. of I. chair of agricultural marketing, said
that while everyone understands Hogan is the boss, the university places “a high
value on collegiality, reaching consensus and treating others with great dignity
and respect.”
“There is the practical question of how do we move forward and
how does the university function with this lack of confidence,” Irwin said.
“Once there has been this kind of breach of trust between the faculty and
administration, it is difficult to see how it could
Lynne Marek,
I believe I owe you $7 since you finally wrote an article that does not mention
JB Pritzker in the 1st paragraph (or ever) — that’s $5 — or Matt Moog, Troy
Henikoff or Kevin Willer in the 1st 4 paragraphs — that’s $2 — (or even at
all), but does cover Ferrocious: Michael Ferro’s tabloid designs for the
Michael Ferro’s tabloid designs for the Sun-Times
By Lynne Marek February 27,

Print | Email | 7 comments
Michael Ferro, who studiously avoided
the media as he became an Internet nabob, introduced himself to the staff of the
Chicago Sun-Times with a flourish last month. The newspaper’s brand new chairman
passed out demi bottles of bubbly labeled Wrapports LLC, the firm he created
last year to buy the city’s No. 2 paper and its suburban stepsisters.
be making bigger waves soon.
A native of New York’s Long Island, Mr. Ferro
wants to create a splashier tabloid—a New York Post of the Midwest—with more
coverage of Chicago celebs, sports and even business, according to people
familiar with his thinking. He’s also intent on an upgraded tablet application,
they say. At the chain’s 40 suburban dailies and weeklies, Mr. Ferro is focusing
on hyperlocal news on real estate, crime and high-school sports, these people
Mr. Ferro, 45, whose longish dark hair is paired these days with a
graying goatee and rectangular Ralph Lauren glasses, says in a statement that he
envisions a “credible, colorful and charitable” paper that homes in on “the
good, the bad and the beautiful” of Chicago. Newly installed CEO Tim Knight will
oversee the changes, but those who know Mr. Ferro say he won’t be hands

And the Sun-Times may be only his starting point. Center stage at a
U.S. Conference of Mayors gala in January (as posted on YouTube), he said, “I’m
very excited to meet all these different mayors in other cities because my plan
is to acquire their publications in a lot of their cities today and keep
newspapers alive in America.”
That confidence and zeal recall the posture of
Sam Zell in 2007 when the real estate tycoon took over Tribune Co. and Chicago’s
biggest newspaper. That story hasn’t turned out so well: Mr. Zell bowed out as
CEO two years later, and the parent of the Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV/Channel 9
is still in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after more than three years.
Ferro’s investments haven’t always worked out well for others, either. He sold
Click Commerce Inc., a maker of distribution software he founded before turning
30, to Illinois Tool Works Inc. in 2006 for $292 million. Mr. Ferro netted more
than $65 million, but Glenview-based ITW wrote off a third of the acquisition’s
value before unloading it at a loss.
Mr. Ferro declines to comment beyond the
short statement.


A graduate of the University of
Illinois at Chicago with a psychology degree, he put in more than $10 million of
his own fortune for a third of Sun-Times Media Holdings LLC. He also assembled
an A list of corporate chieftains to join him in the $23 million acquisition
late last year and invest additionally in the company. They include John Canning
Jr., chairman of Madison Dearborn Partners LLC; William Wrigley Jr., former CEO
of the Chicago-based chewing gum company, and Joe Mansueto, Morningstar Inc.’s
founder and chief executive.
“He’s a good networker,” Mr. Mansueto
Mr. Ferro has been especially adept at befriending corporate Chicago’s
old guard, men mostly from his father’s generation rather than his own: Mr.
Canning, 67; former ITW CEO James Farrell, 69; and Abbott Laboratories CEO Miles
White, 56. Others in his circle, including McDonald’s Corp. Chairman Andrew
McKenna, 82, and billionaire investor Lester Crown, 86, also serve on the board
of Mr. Ferro’s investment firm, Chicago-based Merrick Ventures LLC.
He has
their trust. His sale of Click Commerce to ITW began with informal conversations
years earlier with Mr. Farrell, before he stepped down as chairman in 2006,
according to a Click Commerce regulatory filing.
“I literally don’t do much
due diligence on these things when I hear Michael say two things: ‘I’m going to
put more money in it than you’ and ‘This is where I’m going,’ “ Mr. Canning
says. “He and I hit it off immediately and are really good


Mr. Ferro lives in the Gold Coast with
his wife and three children. When he’s not working or attending his umpteenth
fundraiser—he is on the boards of Lyric Opera, Children’s Memorial Hospital and
the Commercial Club of Chicago, to name a few—he likes to entertain, ski and
tinker with his extensive toy train collection.
For one party that he and his
wife, Jacqueline, hosted at their home in Palm Beach, Fla., they asked guests to
bring a piece of homemade art to be hung gallery-style at the soiree. They have
a third home, in Lake Geneva, Wis.
Michael Ferro, from left, Joan McKenna and
McDonald’s Corp. Chairman Andrew McKenna at a Clearbrook event in May 2010.
Crain’s file photo

Mr. Ferro moved from Merrick, N.Y., to west suburban
Chicago with his parents when he was 15 and graduated from Naperville North High
School. He launched his first company, a roof-sealant business, while at UIC to
cover his tuition and expenses.
In 1992, Mr. Ferro sold the startup to
Lisle-based Pettibone Corp., which made him president of its Earthwood Care
division. He left two years later in frustration because he couldn’t persuade
Pettibone to see the value of the Internet for cataloging products, according to
a 2000 Sun-Times article. He founded Click Commerce in 1996 with financial
support from his father and two sisters.
He used his Click Commerce windfall
to set up Merrick Ventures. His biggest bet so far has been on Merge Healthcare
Inc., which stores patient health care data and images digitally for transfer
among hospitals and doctors. It was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2008, before
Mr. Ferro bought a 35 percent stake through Merrick, moved the company to
Chicago from Milwaukee, installed a new CEO and became its chairman. Since then
shares have jumped more than elevenfold to $6.70.
Mr. Ferro has told people
how Merge Healthcare’s services would have helped him if he had had access to
them earlier: He has a rare and painful neck condition called Eagle’s syndrome
that required him to travel worldwide seeking a diagnosis.
At the Sun-Times,
working regularly from the paper’s riverfront building near the Merchandise
Mart, Mr. Ferro already is making changes. This month, he replaced the top
marketing and sales executives, and the paper announced last month that it would
stop endorsing political candidates and bar executive contributions. (Mr. Ferro
had given mainly to Republicans.) In addition, editors redesigned and expanded
columns by Michael Sneed and Bill Zwecker.

Eric Martinuzzi, a
Minneapolis-based analyst at Craig-Hallum Capital Group L.P. who covers Merge,
sums up Mr. Ferro’s management style this way: “He has a healthy distaste for
the status quo.”

© 2012 by Crain Communications Inc.

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To quote Kevin Willer from my
August 12, 2011 interview with him, “If we’re still talking about Groupon a year
from now, we haven’t done our job,” but with articles like this one by Steve
Hendershot, we’re not going to make that deadline since we’re six months into it
— let’s be honest, Groupon is was and a statistical outlier and it’s very
unlikely that any angel group will see a repeat so we probably shouldn’t even be
talking in those terms

Fwd: Chicago’s angels

D. Anthony
Feb 27 (1 day ago)
to me, Ronald

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Bill
Date: Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 3:50 PM
Chicago’s angels

I think you would be
interested in reading “Chicago’s angels”.
Link to the story:
Chicago’s angels: Risk-takers
are on the hunt to find the next Groupon
By: Steve Hendershot February 27,

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Armed with wads of cash, these
risk-takers are backing tech startups in hopes of finding the next
Photo by: Stephen J. Serio and Thinkstock; Crain’s
Angel investors, the wealthy individuals whose small,
get-me-started investments play a key role in business creation, are zeroing in
on Chicago’s tech startups in hopes of acquiring a ground-floor stake in the
next Groupon.

Chicago tech startups received $16.1 million in angel
investment last year, up 38 percent from $11.7 million in 2010, according to
data collected by local tech community website Only $2
million went to established businesses, meaning nearly 90 percent of the angel
money went to seed-stage and early-stage companies.
That growth rate and
focus far outpace the national trend: Angel investment rose 4.4 percent
nationally to $8.9 billion in the first half of 2011 from the first half of
2010, according to the Center for Venture Research at the University of New
Hampshire. Yet only 60 percent of angel investments nationally were in
seed-stage and early-stage companies.

Tech startups are particularly
attractive to angel investors because the costs of launching those businesses
have plummeted. Startups can use cloud-based software rather than buying costly
servers, and programmers can build their products using a foundation of free,
open-source software rather than starting from scratch. That puts angel
investors in a position to fund a company all the way to profitability.
influx of early-stage capital comes as (angel investors) realize that an
entrepreneur with a great idea can get it off the ground with (moderate
funding),” says Maria Katris, executive director of Built in Chicago, who
projects that Chicago’s angel-investment surge will accelerate in

Entrepreneurs saw ‘ what happened with Groupon and are motivated to
build the next big thing.’
— George Deeb, Red Rocket Partners LLC

course, open-source software and cloud-based computing are available everywhere,
so why is angel investing especially popular in Chicago? The city’s tech sector
is maturing: A growing pool of promising young companies is demonstrating more
savvy than predecessors did, thanks to support from a slightly older group of
mentors and investors from success-story companies such as Orbitz Worldwide Inc.
and Groupon Inc. As a result, angel investors are hoping to buy into Silicon
Valley-caliber companies at off-brand prices.
“This is an underserved market
for angel and seed investing. It’s overserved in the Valley and it’s getting
crazy in New York, but in Chicago the (startup) valuations aren’t as high,” says
Stuart Larkins, managing director at the I2A Fund, a Chicago-based
venture-capital fund focused on early-stage and seed-stage investments. Prior to
joining I2A in November, Mr. Larkins made angel investments in 25 companies,
including Chicago-based BrightTag Inc.
The notion of Chicago’s tech companies
as a well-kept secret may be fleeting, however. Overall investment in the city’s
tech businesses reached an all-time high in 2011, and even discounting the $972
million raised last year by Groupon, Chicago’s tech ventures still attracted
more capital in 2011 than in any year since the dot-com boom in 2000, according
to Built in Chicago.


Groupon’s rise to prominence and its $700 million initial
public offering last fall created “a sense of euphoria” in Chicago’s tech
community, according to George Deeb, managing partner of Northfield-based
startup adviser Red Rocket Partners LLC. Wary investors may associate tech-
related euphoria with less thrilling concepts such as “bubble,” but Mr. Deeb is
talking about entrepreneurs, not revved-up investors. “There are a ton more
startups in Chicago today than there have ever been, and what’s driving that
excitement is that entrepreneurs have seen what happened with Groupon and are
motivated to build the next big thing.”
Groupon Inc., which went public in
November, has inspired backers to pour money into Chicago’s startup scene. But,
“We’re not competing for the same pie; the pie is expanding,” says Karin
O’Connor, above, of Hyde Park Angels.Photos by Erik Unger and Bloomberg
To succeed, those entrepreneurs are relying on the experience of people
who built the last big thing. The veteran tech entrepreneurs who built and
profited from companies such as Groupon make ideal investors because their
successes have provided them with money to invest in addition to confidence and
know-how they can use to help steer the startups in which they invest.
rookie-veteran partnerships can take several forms, from the formal mentor
network that powers startup incubator Excelerate Labs, to venture-capital firm
Lightbank Inc., launched in 2010 by Groupon co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad
Keywell, to traditional investments made by industry veterans such as the I2A
Fund’s Mr. Larkins, who was a senior vice president at DoubleClick Performics
when that firm was sold to Google Inc. in 2008.
The latest such vehicle is
the $5.7 million FireStarter Fund, launched Jan. 31. The fund involves more than
40 Chicago tech vets, including the fund’s co-founders, Brian Hand (founder of
ShopLocal LLC and Timelines Inc.) and Matt Moog (founder of Viewpoints Network
and Built in Chicago). Though technically a venture-capital fund, FireStarter’s
group of entrepreneur investors and small deal size will give it some of the
character of an angel group—one in which the investors’ experience is tailored
to mentoring the businesses in which they invest.
“Ten years ago, there
wasn’t a strong pool of seasoned entrepreneurs in Chicago who had had successful
outcomes—who built up companies and then sold them or brought them public.
Today, you have that, and a lot of these folks have stayed in Chicago,” Mr. Hand
says. “We think this is a great time to come together as a group, pool our
knowledge and then focus that knowledge and experience on building up
(portfolio) businesses.”


isn’t the only place where the line between angel investors and VC firms blurs.
Traditionally, angel investors make the initial investments enabling companies
to bring their products to market; venture firms fund the subsequent phases
focused on customer acquisition and expansion. But as software outfits become
less expensive to launch, venture capitalists have begun making smaller, earlier
placeholder investments in startups, often alongside individual angels or angel
In December, for example, Chicago-based Power2Switch Inc., which
allows consumers to comparison-shop among energy providers, raised $1.3 million
from an investment syndicate that included several individual angel investors,
the angel group Hyde Park Angels and three venture-capital firms.
So long as
the flow of high-quality startups increases, angel investors say there is not a
“We’re not competing for the same pie; the pie is expanding,” says
Karin O’Connor, managing director of the Hyde Park Angels, whose membership grew
by about 40 percent last year to approximately 90 members. Ms. O’Connor welcomes
the presence of multiple sources of early-stage capital because “entrepreneurs
see that it’s possible for them to raise the capital they need, and that’s
giving them the incentive they need to put these companies together.”

2012 by Crain Communications Inc.
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Chicago Sun-Times: Tech companies
welcome plan to open six-year high schools

Subject: Tech companies
welcome plan to open six-year high schools – Chicago Sun-Times
2/29/2012 8:16:28 A.M. Central Standard Time

P: 630-282-4332
New six-year tech high schools
in Chicago to offer associate degrees
Updated: February 29, 2012
Local tech companies welcomed the city’s plan to create six-year high
schools that would award students associate degrees in tech fields when they

SingleHop, a data center operator with sites at 601 W. Polk and
in Elk Grove Village, would hire grads for jobs such as datacenter technicians,
system administrators, system developers and network engineers, company
officials said.

“I love the idea of local talent coming from an
organization with such strong founding partners,” said Andy Pace, chief
operating officer at SingleHop, which like other data centers houses web
servers, network services and storage equipment for other companies. “We work in
a very specific field of technology that requires not only a sound educational
background but a willingness to learn as well.”

Steve Wilneff, owner of, a daily deals site in the northern and western suburbs, said of
the plan: “It’s a great concept.”

Wilneff hires only independent
contractors as his web staff, but he said he would “be open and interested in
hiring people from this program” for jobs such as programming, web design, code
writing and web innovation. Those jobs typically pay $50,000 a year to start.
Hourly contractors who are prized for their programming skills make $200 to $250
an hour.

“It’s very appealing if you get a person who is properly
trained, who can come to work at the start, work with the systems you already
have and grow with your company — as opposed to people whose skill sets require
that the company modify its web or programming requirements,” Wilneff
Ed Longanecker, executive director of regional tech advocate and
nonprofit TechAmerica, agreed the new grads could be in demand.

are more jobs than talent to fill the opportunities in our state, and certainly
the projected number of high skilled positions in the years to come,” he

Chicago saw 124 digital startups launch last year — a 51 percent
increase from 2010, according to data provided in January by Chicago venture and
startup sources. TechNexus, Chicago’s five-year-old tech collaborative and
incubator space, announced in January that more than 130 companies have grown at
its facility at 200 S. Wacker Drive, and those companies have gone on to create
400 jobs and to raise $75 million in investment
Tom Churchwell of ViMedicus:
Exclusive Interview by Admin at Tinc Mag — Kathryn, great that you interviewed
Tom, but what’s the deal with no bylines?

Tom Churchwell of ViMedicus:
Exclusive Interview
By admin • on February 16, 2012
ViMedicus can be
described as a “Series A startup”, yet led by Tom Churchwell, one of the most
influential VC investors in the area, it won’t be at that stage for long. This
healthcare startup requires little startup capital, but will then then be
greeted by powerful partners in order to compete in a new technology marketplace
mandated by the federal government.
Medical records need to be digitized. The
Federal EMR Electronic Medical Records Mandate has set a deadline of 2015 – and
whether that’s iron clad or not – the writing is on the wall, our medical
records have to be digitized and medical systems must communicate with each
We sat down with Tom Churchwell to discuss how ViMedicus’ suite of
mobile apps can provide the missing piece: a universal and simple user interface
for doctors and nurses. Churchwell had studied research that showed doctors
spending two hours per day struggling with medical record software. “They were
cutting corners and making mistakes, not through any fault of their own, but
because the software was so hard to use. Our sole charter is usability; make it
so easy that 80% of doctors/nurses will use it – and then give them decision
The Software – Version 1 – Launch in March 2012
ViMedicus will
be launching their web-based mobile apps (opposed to truly native apps) to be
available on every major mobile platform. The initial release will be a single
app for primary care physicians.

Leveraging a strategic partnership, a
first test group of about 600 doctors in the Midwest will use the ViMedicus app.
The use case for this initial version has powerful implications. One common
scenario the software would prevent is that of a “frequent flier” emergency room
patient, one who goes from hospital to hospital receiving the same treatment and
medication for a single issue. No one is aware of the duplicated effort until
Medicaid receives the all the bills from all the different hospitals. Since
Medicaid doesn’t cover duplicated medical efforts, the hospitals have to absorb
the cost. With ViMedicus’ system, everyone is able to communicate instantly.
Doctor’s using ViMedicus’ app on a mobile device will immediately see the
patient’s name and medical records, complete with recent hospital intake
The Vision for Version 2 and beyond
The vision is to expand
to medial specialties, have contextual apps, and be positioned to work with new
medical data as it slowly comes online in the next two years. The “contextual”
use will serve up the appropriate data based on where the physician is. When a
doctor wakes up and turns on his tablet at home, he sees what non-emergency (but
urgent) issues arose overnight. At the office, it serves up his full set of
patient records, and during hospital rounds, it can (once the data silos of the
hospitals allow it) stream the hospital monitoring data and combine with his
mobile medical records.
Again, ViMedicus is only contributing the UI (user
interface). Churchwell explained all the underlying technology for Electronic
Medical Records exists; it’s just not easy to use, and not available on wireless
devices in a simple app. HIE – Health Information Exchanges – already allows
diverse medical software systems to communicate. “So it’s not a technical
challenge, it’s a usability challenge. We’re working with academic centers, like
UIC and particularly Northwestern’s sim lab to offer a creative leap in the
creation of a universal front end. “
The Scale Up
“Small companies need
big partners”, said Churchwell. Being the CEO of this small startup, while
serving as managing partner of Midwest Venture Partners (and a resume that
includes, but is not limited to, working for Donald Rumsfeld during the creation
of NutraSweet), he is able to play the role of both the small company and big
partner simultaneously. His experience gives him a Rolodex of friends, partners
and connections to die for. With existing partners in Peoria, they are gearing
up for a test run with the three hospitals in the city. “Peoria has a
sophisticated medical system and is a representative microcosm of the medical
communities in middle America.” After the test rollout is complete, they will
continue to iterate and increase the functionality.

Final Thoughts
“Payers”, which include the Federal Government, large corporations and insurance
companies, will ensure that these standards regarding web-enabled and digitized
medical records will happen at some point. The details aren’t clear, but the
days of medical data stored in silos that can’t connect or share information
will soon be prohibited, and providers penalized. Therefore the race is on
become the industry standard for software related to medical records and other
new, mandated technologies. ViMedicus, unlike other small startups, has the
investors, partners and resources lined up in order to fight the larger battle
which lays ahead – the ability to get the software in front of healthcare
providers, get feedback, continue to iterate, and increase the implementation
and use by doctors and hospitals.
Hopefully technology and better
communication systems will spread to other aspects of the healthcare experience,
and days of being asked fifteen times per hour, “Are you allergic to any
medications?” may soon come to an
Kathryn, Kathryn, Kathryn, I don’t know
how you’re defining start-up, but some of the firms on your list are a stretch
—, Founded: 2003 Employees: 201-500 or,
Founded: 2001 Employees: 51-200 and they’re already at Series C

Tech Startups over 5 years old
By admin • on February 15, 2012
There’s no
technical definition of a startup. A startup doesn’t have to be based in
technology, it doesn’t have to be super new, it doesn’t have to be just a
handful of people, nor does it have to be broke or positioning itself for
acquisition. It’s a fairly mushy term, like “Series B funding” which ranges from
your college roommate (aka private investor) giving you another $100 for the
cell phone bill, or a VC company giving you $100, 000. It’s all series B to the
So in the spirit of “there are no rules”, here are a range of solid
startups that still have big aspirations for their company, would love someone
to write them a check. Actually … maybe that’s the definition of a startup after

Akoo is an interactive music and advertisement channel
system that invites viewers to select song requests through their mobile device,
as well as view broadcasts from home and from smartphones. Akoo


ClubExpress is an internet platform that helps clubs
manage their membership records. ClubExpress combines the existing site with
ClubExpress’ own membership database program which organizes new

EventWax is an online software tool that assists
corporations in executing large-scale events. Through the ticket-driven
organization system, businesses can track the sales success and attendance

Fave is a deal search engine focused on deals local
to a user’s own neighborhood in real-time. For deal seekers, Fave organizes
deals by preference in order to search efficiently. For local

Ifbyphone is a marketing tracking platform that is
driven by online voice automation systems. Ifbyphone provides companies with
software applications that measure the amount of phone inquiries that

Inkling Markets is a software platform for businesses
interested in gaining predictive market insight surrounding topics relevant to
their business model. Businesses buy a software package that

Mediafly is a mobile device application development
company for businesses. Mediafly consults clients on what cross-device
technologies would suit their website’s needs using native and web apps.
RESTAURANT.COM matches users with restaurants
that are offering deals that align with their personal tastes and location
proximity. Users are notified through email delivery as to the availability of


Sittercity is an online source for child care, pet care,
senior care, housesitting, housekeeping and tutoring. Users search the using a four-step screening process: checking references,…

Beer Mapping is website, with mobile capabilities,
that offers users customizable POI subscription system, review comparison and
vendor location system that codes visited sites for user blogs. Beer

Ticket Tapp, from Babylon
Technology, is a mobile app with ticket scanning functions for iPod and other
Apple devices. Once event tickets are scanned, Ticket Tapp helps event managers
track real-time …
Illinois Governor Quinn
proposes alarming funding cuts for Medicaid, HIV programs

Governor Quinn proposes alarming funding cuts for Medicaid, HIV

Johnathon Briggs
PM (1 hour ago)
to Johnathon
February 23,
Ramon Gardenhire
(301) 379-3024

Governor Quinn proposes alarming funding cuts for Medicaid, HIV

Facing a grim fiscal situation, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
proposed a $33.9 billion state spending plan that includes a $4 million funding
reduction for HIV programs. The governor also proposed deep Medicaid funding
cuts, which would severely hamper access to health care for people with

The governor’s proposal seeks $25.4 million in FY12 state funding
for HIV services through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), a
reduction of 14 percent from the current fiscal year. Budget blueprints released
yesterday indicate Gov. Quinn proposes no funding cuts for the AIDS Drug
Assistance Program (ADAP), which provides life-saving medications to people with
HIV. As a result, the entire $4 million funding cut would reduce community-based
HIV prevention, housing, corrections, minority health-promotion and harm
reduction programs.

While the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) lauds the
Governor’s recommendation for full ADAP funding, it strongly opposes the overall
funding cut that will decimate community-based HIV programs.

“We are
committed to working with members of the General Assembly and the Quinn
Administration to restoring proposed funding cuts,” said AFC President/CEO David
Ernesto Munar. “AFC urges people affected by HIV and their advocates to register
for the April 18 HIV/AIDS Lobby Days in Springfield, so we can send lawmakers a
loud, clear message: Proposed funding cuts will cost lives and must be

The reductions will severely impede Illinois’ efforts to
reach the goals established by the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which was
released by President Obama in 2010. The strategy establishes ambitious targets
to reduce new HIV cases, link more people with HIV to medical care and reduce
health disparities.

To reduce the HIV funding crisis, AFC urges the
General Assembly to lift a moratorium on Medicaid expansion to allow the Cook
County Health and Hospitals System to implement an 1115 Medicaid waiver. The
program would allow Cook County to receive federal Medicaid matching funding for
care provided to uninsured Cook County residents, including people with HIV,
without increasing state spending. The waiver, if approved by the federal
government, would shift costs for HIV medication from the state to the federal
government, yielding savings to Illinois that could be used to strengthen HIV
care and prevention efforts.

Unfortunately, Gov. Quinn also proposed
over $2 billion in funding cuts to the Medicaid program. Although he left
implementation to the General Assembly, Quinn said that eligibility levels,
provider payment rates to providers and benefits are all subject to changes.

AFC will strongly fight Medicaid cuts. The program is the foundation of
national health care reform, set to begin in 2014, and provides vital health
care to low-income people with HIV and other chronic health conditions,
including millions of disabled and homeless individuals.

Yesterday, Gov.
Quinn also proposed spending cuts in several areas of concern for people with

Addiction Treatment for Medicaid Populations (-$5 million or 10
percent cut)
Mental Health Grants (-$58 million or 42 percent
Emergency and Transitional Housing (-$4.4 million or 52 percent

It wasn’t all bad news. AFC is heartened that the governor did not
propose a funding cut for supportive housing, which helps people with chronic
illnesses such as HIV live successfully in the community while lowering Medicaid

But AFC needs your support — whether you are someone affected
by HIV or someone who simply cares about stopping this unnecessary epidemic.
Learn more about Illinois HIV/AIDS Lobby Days at Advocates can
stay up to date on budget issues by subscribing to AFC’s Online Action Bulletin
and AFC website at

Founded in 1985 by community
activists and physicians, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago is a catalyst for
local, national, and international action against
Thursday, March 1: Clean
Energy Challenge and the event notice has me confused — it is being held at 610
S. Michigan Ave., not 200 S. Wacker, and the Booth event on Friday is at

Subject: TOMORROW – Clean Energy Challenge
Date: 2/29/2012
10:55:01 A.M. Central Standard Time


The Funding Feeding Frenzy is the ultimate
experience for founders of fast growing companies to get connected with other
entrepreneurs and investors to help take their businesses to new heights of
Come experience the awesome collaborative opportunities at Chicago’s
newest Entrepreneur Center & Business Incubator!
This extraordinary event
series is designed to promote the use and implementation of Solar and Renewable
Energy as the primary energy sources being used or installed by the end of the
As a valuable member of
the entrepreneurial community in the Midwest, Clean Energy Trust would like to
invite you to attend the 2012 Clean Energy Challenge at a special discounted
This all-day event, to be held March 1, 2012 at Venue SIX10 in Chicago,
will give audience members the unique opportunity to get a first-look at 18
exciting start-ups. 10 of these teams will be Early Stage companies from six
states, and the other eight will be Student Challenge teams from 11 different
universities across five states. Technologies range from energy efficiency
systems and biofuels to solar cells and wind energy innovations.
finalists will be judged by a distinguished panel of venture capitalists,
industry leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. The top performing teams will
win their share of $250,000 in prizes, with the winning student team advancing
to the National Competition in Washington DC this summer.
Highlights of the
event include:
1) Expert panel discussion on how the Midwest is becoming a
critical center for biofuel development, featuring Suzanne Tedrow from United
Airlines, Andrew Perlman of GreatPoint Ventures, and Lee Edwards of

2) Keynote by Cheryl Martin, Ph.D., Deputy Director for the U.S.
Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency

3) Conversation
with Victor Abate, Vice President of Renewables at GE Energy on making renewable
businesses successful in a post-incentive environment
Please join us in
ushering in the next wave of game-changing clean energy innovations at this
exciting event. Interested in attending? Use this special CEC2012_PARTNERDISC
code and save $100 off your full-priced ticket up until February 29.
Week Events

Midwest Energy Connection
February 29, 2012
Hosted by ACG Chicago
A Premier Conference for Corporate Executives,
Lenders, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, & Technology
Experts for Investment in Energy Related Firms
Opening Keynote by
Admiral Dennis McGinn, ACORE
Speakers from
DCEO, IWEA, SoCore, ISTC and
Willdan Energy Solutions
Presentations by
12 Illinois manufacturing
companies on their successes and use of Green Manufacturing

Booth Energy Forward 2012
March 2, 2012

Hosted by The Chicago Booth Energy Group and the Polsky Center for
This annual event provides a unique opportunity for today’s
energy business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to interact with graduate
students with the goal of shaping insightful, structured strategies for
challenges that lie ahead.
Three keynote presentations from
energy industry leaders and four diverse panels: Energy Entrepreneurship; Future
of Fossil Fuels; Renewable Energy Revolution; Power Generation and the Future of
Nuclear Power.

200 South Wacker Drive
Suite 1500
Chicago | Ilinios
| 60606
Have an
Pretto: Says his event got about 200 people

Subject: Re: Julian, how was
your event? Name 15 people who were there that I might know..
2/26/2012 12:19:22 P.M. Central Standard Time

Hey Ron -Not bad for a night with a winter storm
warning. Close to 200 people showed. I think there were probably 15 people you
know there. Heres a link to the pics:

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 12:22:30
To: Pretto <>
Subject: Julian, how was your event? Name 15 people
who were there that I might
Miscellaneous notes from Phil
Tadros, Meagan Lopez, Ross Kimbarovsky, Jeff Carter, David Culver, Jeff Liggett
and others (8 messages) — and David Culver, lighten up, you don’t know when I’m
pulling your leg and btw, you guys seem to be doing a great
#1: Article: A Seesaw-Inspired Bathtub For
The Physically Challenged

Philip Tadros
5:20 PM (14 hours ago)
to me
A Seesaw-Inspired Bathtub
For The Physically Challenged
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Philip Tadros

Subject: Re: Meagan, thanks for your help (I assume) in getting Katy to write
re: Edelman.
Date: 2/26/2012 9:05:14 P.M. Central Standard Time

Meagan Adele Lopez
| SocialKaty | V.P. of Accounts
443.540.5562 | |
#3: Subject: Re: Ross, what’s
your experience been w/ the Founders’ Institute? Effective or not?
2/26/2012 3:21:13 P.M. Central Standard Time


Hey Ron,

I taught one session during the
Fall semester (Presentation and Publicity). I don’t know what the program costs
– I assume you’re correct about the $900 fee. If true, I think it’s a great deal
for young entrepreneurs based on the quality of the mentors (I can best speak
about the ones in my sessions, but saw that there were many outstanding speakers
for other sessions), depth of presentations, and the content.

You should
offer to be one of the mentors for next semester’s Presentation and Publicity


On Sun, Feb
26, 2012 at 12:06 PM, <> wrote:

More to the point,
does an entrepreneur get his $900’s worth of
#4: Subject: Re: On a separate
subject, how come after 3 years, I have no dirt on you?
Date: 2/26/2012
3:24:49 P.M. Central Standard Time
Hey Ron,

As David
Gerrold said: “Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face.
Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order.”



On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 12:10 PM,
<> wrote:
May here.
David Gerrold was a sci-fi writer who wrote one of the best Star Trek
Subject: Re: Was FanGo sold to GrubHub? Click on their link on Sandbox & it
goes to GrubHub.
Date: 2/26/2012 6:10:30 A.M. Central Standard Time


i don’t have any
idea. Excelerate Labs made the announcement at their Demo Day last year. I
wasn’t invested. Haven’t spoken with anyone about it. Good Luck.
On Feb 26,
2012, at 1:54 AM, wrote:

Feb. 25, 2012


I reported on Sept. 7, 2011 that you announced that FanGo was sold, but
you did not say to whom.

Julia Jablonska has been helping me with a
project which involves, in part, looking at the Sandbox portfolio.

found that when she clicked on FanGo, the link was directed to

So, who was FanGo sold to and if you can say, for how much, and
what has become of the FanGo

#6: Subject: Re: The
pics tell the truth. Culver/Nadler show at your event, but not at MIT Tues.

Date: 2/27/2012 2:05:39 A.M. Central Standard Time
Hey Ron,
Slow news day?
Nothing better
to do on a Sunday afternoon than cruise Fbook?
So not sure why the
belly-aching but here are a few points:
1. We had Chris K. from
VentureSHOT attending the MIT Enterprise Forum event on Tues Feb 21st, since I
was unable to go. (I usually make MOST…but not all MIT Enterprise Forum Events
each year.) You will start to see Chris at many of the events around town, since
Andy and Bob only get “Hall Passes” about one evening a week each.
2. The
EFactor event on Feb 21st that was held at VentureSHOT was put on by Jason
Jacobsohn / EFactor…they used our space for the event.
I was given the
chance to “wave my arms around” briefly sometime after 7pm, when my sponsor
meeting was done and talk about Basically how great it is
for entrepreneurs to be a part of the VentureSHOT Collaboration Community and
highlight a couple of our upcoming events.
We are hosting the MIT Enterprise Forum Exec Committee event at VentureSHOT this
week, and I almost always attend those Exec Committee meetings in
person…rarely ever miss one, unless traveling.
4. It was a welcome relief
to not hear your complaining and overly long statements / psuedo-questions at
the MIT Enterprise Forum. Hah! Mostly kidding… ;-)
5. The VentureSHOT Team
will be at the MIT Enterprise Forum in full force at the Fair Pair on April
17th…so make sure you are registered ahead of time to make Nancy happy. We
will make sure both Andy & Bob get a “Hall Pass” for that night. They may
even dress up for the event…nah, probably not.
6. While I will still do my
best to personally get around to other events during the week, I am the “main
guy” right now to make sure that VentureSHOT is OPEN and humming along on a
daily basis. So I will probably miss a couple of events I might have normally
made before we opened, since I end up meeting with a LOT of companies and
sponsors who are eager to become part of the VentureSHOT Community and sometimes
those meetings go much later than planned. Thus we will be spreading around the
attendance at events between Andy, Bob, Chris & myself.
7. Plus YOU are
there with your warm and welcoming nature…so why do then need
Dave, Andy, Bob &
The VentureSHOT Team
On Sun, Feb
26, 2012 at 1:20 PM, <> wrote:

A Culver
Forward Momentum,
Liggett and New Deal of the Day Program that Chariities Get a Large
from: jeff liggett
reply-to: jeff
liggett <>
to: jeff liggett
date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 7:09 AM
Liggett and New Deal of the Day Program that Chariities Get a Large
jeff liggett
7:09 AM (1 hour ago)
to jeff
Subject: Liggett and
New Deal of the Day Program that Chariities Get a Large Piece
Throughout my
54 years somewhere we have met whether it College, Business or at Play. So with
this BCC I will update you on a new business I am rolling out nationally. Deal
of the day that Charities get 5% of the deal. Similar to the big 2 (Groupon and
Living Social) but different that the Deal Provider gets a bigger share, is paid
faster. This is a win-win for all and will be in place nationally in the next
few weeks. Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast area in Florida were rolled
out Monday. I have Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York in
the works.

If you want to see the how we incent email signups go to and follow the link. My partner is this is
and if you contact them let them know you are my friend.

I would like to
hear back from anyone interested in assisting here. No real money needed just
contacts, Vendors and Charities needed.

Let me know anyone’s
#8: Subject: READ THIS
2/27/2012 1:27:59 P.M. Central Standard Time

Philip Tadros

into the mysterious history of the Doejo office

February 27th, 2012 in
Doejo Stuff

An interesting nostalgic tour occurred one day in our
rehabbed offices, on the second floor of a seemingly quiet building.

small group of firefighters came in admiring our recent renovations—we just
moved in last November—in a tour led by Chicago Fire Lt. Rick Vega.

who has been living in Lakeview, near Broadway and Belmont Avenue since he was
3-years-old, came in as we stared confused (and a bit startled) at our
computers. He was telling colleagues, all in full firefighter gear, of what our
office was in the ’70s: an unassuming rock venue called “The Attic” hosting
bands like the “Chicago Transit Authority” before they became Chicago, Bob Seger
and Janis Joplin, according to Rick, and punk bands like Naked Raygun and Rights
of the Accused.

Of course, this was a welcome distraction.

What a
lot of new residents and business owners in Lakeview don’t know is it’s filled
with punk rock history—from Clark Street to Broadway and Belmont to Diversey
avenues. Rick remembers this history very well.

Back then, he said, this
neighborhood has bars like The Brewery, The Fat Black Pussycat and The Phoenix.
But it was The Attic he remembers for being up a long flight of stairs with the
same wooden trusses we work amongst now (or as he terrifyingly refers to them
now: “firemen killers” for its high rate of flammability and

This got us searching online for this mysterious The Attic.
Searches turned up nothing online so I headed down to the Chicago History Museum
to search their building archives—romanced by Chicago restaurant, The Boarding
House’s story of how they looked into its building’s history to come up their
company name.

With help from the staff at CHM, I searched through old
phonebook directories (physical and on microfilm), the Commission of Chicago
Landmarks records, the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (which were used through much
of the 20th Century by insurance companies to assess buildings’ tenant history),
photo archives of Broadway (which felt like searching an ancient version of
Google Streetview) and the Chicago Tribune annals—from as far back as the


What we do know from CHM is that in 1923 this
building was a bake shop with large ovens, according to the Sanborn maps, and in
1994 was a business called The Furniture Connection. And when we first moved in
we learned the previous tenant around 2005 was a True Value Hardware store
showroom. Not too exciting. I was about to throw in the towel until the Lakeview
East Chamber of Commerce put me in contact with historian Patrick Corriere at
our local library branch.

Lo and behold, in a book from 1974 called
“Sweet Home Chicago, The Real City Guide” by the Chicago Review Press was a
blurb about “The Attic” under a north-side blues bar section.

the address was 3132 N. Broadway, which is next to us in the same building and
probably the reason we couldn’t find anything at CHM.

Rick Vega says back
then it was the same place. And according to further records, that address
became known as music venue, “Broadway Limited” around 1978. A little more
complicated then we anticipated but, as they say, if these walls could
Think and Grow Rich 16-Week Power Workshop

29TH – Think and Grow Rich 16-Week Power Workshop
Date: 2/27/2012 7:47:46
A.M. Central Standard Time
Join Us for VentureSHOT’s Exclusive
Think and Grow Rich
16-Week Workshop
Make massive improvements in financial aspects of Your
Begins Wednesday February 29th at 7pm
744 N. Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60654
Located on Wells St. /
River North neighborhood.
Only 1 Block from the Chicago Brown Line
We have created a Meetup Group to make
it easy to RSVP or you can
Register Here!
Make massive improvements in financial aspects of your
life with VentureSHOT’s Exclusive Think and Grow Rich 16-week Power Workshop.
Carl G. Moose, who has been leading these life-changing workshops for seven
years, will facilitate this course.
Carl has developed this unique Workshop
designed around the Think and Grow Rich Philosophy. This Philosophy was written
by Napoleon Hill in 1928 and is recognized as one of the leading foundational
business publication. Carl has personally studied the Think and Grow Rich
Philosophy for over 12 years and is an expert at implementing income-generating
This Philosophy is distilled into a very simple and powerful
exercise series that follows the text, chapter by chapter, to progressively move
the participants closer to the achievement of their ultimate objectives. In the
past, Carl has led these intense power sessions to hundreds of Participants,
from countries around the world, and many of whom paid in excess of $2,500.00
per participant for this extraordinary material and life enhancing
Participants gain the following from this Workshop:
How to
“Think Your Way” to Great Business Success and Extraordinary Material Wealth

How to Identify your “Purpose” and Vision”, and to “Set the Right Goals” to
get you there
How to Develop Absolute “Faith” in your Business and Convey
that Feeling to others
How to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind to deliver
to You anything You Desire
How to Acquire All the Specialized Knowledge you
Need to Succeed in YOUR BUSINESS
How to Tap Your Imagination and that of
Others to Advance Your Ideas and Business
How to Create Extraordinary,
Organized Plans to Accelerate Your Business Success
How to Create
Persistence that can withstand the Tremendous Pressure of Business Ownership

How to “Master Mind” with Like-Minded Professionals to Greatly Increase
How to Conquer The Natural Fears that come along with Life and
Business Ownership
How to Create Confidence to Eliminate any Doubt &
Confusion that might stand in the way of Your Success
All Course Materials,
including the Think and Grow Rich Book, are provided in the Workshop. In-Person
Participation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Maximum Results. Conference Call &
MP3 services are provided on an as needed basis.
VentureSHOT is exclusively
offering YOU the opportunity to participate in the Workshop for a ONE-TIME fee
of $ 500 ($ 31.25 per week) for this 16 week program, or paid on a monthly basis
for $200 per month (4 monthly payments). This powerhouse wealth creating
workshop will be starting on February 29th at 7pm for one hour per week for 16
Here’s to your success!
Dave, Carl & The VentureSHOT
Please call or email Carl Moose for more information:
Check Out who signed up and
Register Now!
Also plan on attending other outstanding VentureSHOT
Email or call David Culver
312-953-9919 for more information about VentureSHOT Events.
Chicago’s High
Energy Entrepreneur Center
744 N. Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60654
on Wells St. / River North neighborhood.
Only 1 Block from the Chicago Brown
Line Stop.
What are some of the great things that happen at
· VentureSHOTTM Super-Ultra Collaborative Entrepreneurial
Group meetings
· “Meet the Money” Angel Investor and Venture Capital “Meet
& Greet” sessions
· Coaching for Funding Presentations and other
important strategic presentations
· Participation in many valuable Mastermind
Sessions including:
– Founder / CEO “Top Challenges”

– Funding
Challenges and Solutions
– Revenue Growth Strategies
– Strategic Marketing
and Brand Development
– Developing a Powerful Company Culture

· Access
to “Flex-Space” or Private Offices in a fun, highly collaborative and
entrepreneur friendly working environment
Come experience the awesome
collaboration opportunities at Chicago’s newest Entrepreneur Center &
The VentueSHOT Team.
For more
information about The Funding Feeding Frenzy, please be sure to contact:
Murphy: Simultaneous development on the Information Superglacier™ and

Subject: Simultaneous development on the Information
Superglacier™ and Chicago?
Date: 2/23/2012 8:09:31 A.M. Central Standard
To:, ron@,


A lot more may be happening at this week’s
HIMSS conference in Las Vegas, but the cat is sufficiently out of the bag that I
would be remiss not to give you a scoop on a new company expanding to the Great
Lakes and the East Coast from the west. I have been quietly arranging meetings
on the Information Superglacier™ and in a few Midwestern cities, but I also let
a few key people in Illinois know that one of the creators of one of the largest
US telemedicine groups. (still smaller than the OTN in Cananda) has announced an
intention to create a national telemedicine system.

What is not stated
in this program is that medical infrastructure programs called the FCC Rural
Health Care Pilot Programs have the broadband capacity to interact with systems
like this, TODAY. In addition the $92 M US UCAN program managed by I2 will use
the same fiber optic network to add hundreds of thousands of new Community
Anchor Institutions (including hospitals) to a national fiber optic network. The
speed of I2 is supposed to approach 100 Gbps and I expect that US UCAN will
operate at speeds between 10 and 100 Gbps. Last, but not least there are
hundreds of millions of dollars in new BIP (USDA RUS) & BTOP (DoC NTIA)
programs for infrastructure, sustainable broadband adoption, and community

So what is different about a telemedicine network that has a budget
in the millions or tens of millions instead of the hundreds of millions? The
difference is that the new and developing networks have capacity that has not
existed. Even a few years ago when I helped clients bring on new Telemedicine
and distance learning survives, most hospitals used a T-1 and compression to
carry on not only a few HD telemedicine sessions PLUS all of their daily
business. Today, the hospitals on the FCC RHCPP networks operate at speeds from
10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Not only can their networks support telemedicine, they can
support day to day transactions, faster Internet, EHR/HIE with the State
Designated Entity and national networks. With the addition of a national high
speed network they can also interact with I2, US UCAN and NLR (National Lambda

The NEXT level is to extend telemedicine beyond the hospital and
into the community. That will mean that the infrastructure improvements of BIP
& BTOP and private efforts to extend not only fiber but ITU Advanced
wireless (not just 4G) into new areas. It means that the HD cameras and Codecs
will have to interoperate to send live and stored content to end users at their
own offices and homes through a variety of devices. The increasing interaction
of the HD systems and items like Vidyo, VSee and others will have to
interoperate on the same network. The HD distribution and features will have to
interact with the ability of the other systems to interact on a point to point
basis. Of course whole new issues of privacy and security will crop up as
telemedicine and other messaging systems traverse the same

Within the announcement is something that affects the
Information Superglacier™ and Chicago. In the former, the issue is the rural
digital divide and in the latter it is the urban digital divide. Fortunately we
have BTOP examples like Connect Your Community (BTOP) and the USDA DLT program
I have discussed with Layton that the current Illinois infrastructure program
announced by Governor Quinn would be covered by a telemedicine program, unless
there were a way for such a program to reach thousands of people in the first
year of service.

The following system is privately funded, but I fully
anticipate that it’s success will turn on the new and existing high speed
networks funded since the turn of this Century. For the individual hospitals, it
represents the ability to spend a small amount of capital on broadband, codecs
and cameras, in order to bring in a variety of new services from distant bridges
and switches. Many of my grant clients area already used to the use of these
systems on a regional level (some have a handful to dozens of HD codecs (for
DLT) in their board rooms and ERs. Even more professional are downloading
content on their desktops and hand held tablets (OK, IPad 2s). In addition, the
systems also allow urban and rural doctors to interact with their patients on a
single platform from basic consults right down to life saving measures in the
Emergency Room.

More as I learn of it. In the meantime, here is the text
that I saw on LinkedIn:
National Health Information Network – now secure and
reliable – Collaborative Telecare Networks is taking reservations for early
On February 17, 2012, the Collaborative Telecare Networks signed a
contract with Level 3 Communications to manage servers that will be placed in
the most secure Layer 1 facility in Denver. The install for Collaborative
Telecare Networks will take place in late March or early April, 2012. This
initiative will create a National Health Information Network infrastructure that
will apply the latest security technologies for medical data on a high speed
Virtual Private Network; and, make it available to the evolving Telehealth
Vertical here in the United States. VPN tunneling is far superior to https in
the prevention of hackers entering and potentially stealing confidential medical
CTN’s target market begins with physician clinics, hospitals and
ambulatory medical facilities (surgi-centers/tissue banks) operating in the USA
that are sending medical data electronically. CTN provides a secure network
allowing medical teleconsults to be conducted with clarity, functionality, and
security utilizing advanced unified communications. Medical data will be
transport safely in the CTN tunnels that provide and environment for high speed
bandwidth connectivity across the Level 3 infrastructure.The CTN network,
collaborating with Level 3 Communications, is now one of the most secure
networks being deployed in the world – and offered to the healthcare industry
with capability to meet future demand for service without disruption of service.
CTN is beginning to reserve appointments for initial pre-installation
connectivity meetings with early adopters of this technology.
The early
adopter profiles are shown to be physician and hospital groups intent on meeting
the “meaningful use” guidelines of CMS as well as utilizing applications for
back office efficiencies to reduce expense. CTN provides a high level of
confidence protection from breach of medical data when transporting electronic
medical records. Prevention from network breaches rather than responding to a
breach and incurring devastating media attention and potential fines should
always be considered in when implementing medical data transport.
mainstream healthcare fully adopts the EHR, there is a need to have secure
privacy and reliability in the transport infrastructure. Collaborative Telecare
Networks is a leader in providing THE secure data transport solution.
for future announcements from CTN – the Collaborative of Telecare Networks.

Walgreens Named One of Fast Company Magazine’s
Most Innovative Health Care Companies

Subject: Walgreens Named One of
Fast Company Magazine’s Most Innovative Health Care Companies
2/27/2012 1:03:10 P.M. Central Standard Time


Walgreens Named One of Fast Company
Magazine’s Most Innovative Health Care Companies
Walgreens recognized for
second time in three years for innovations to advance community pharmacy,
including company’s new store format

( — For the second time in three years, Walgreens
(NYSE: WAG)(NASDAQ: WAG) has been selected by Fast Company Magazine as one of
the health care industry’s most innovative companies, as part of the magazine’s
“Fast 50″ issue, celebrating the world’s most innovative companies.
more than 7,800 community drugstores and a network of health care professionals
trusted by millions of people every day, innovation is how we provide greater
access to a wide variety of health and daily living needs.”
Walgreens was
recognized for leadership and innovation in health care services, from its Well
Experience store format – highlighted by a new approach to the pharmacy and
health care experience — to addressing the need for greater access to healthy
foods in underserved communities, and plans to become the nation’s leading
retail host of electric vehicle charging stations.

“We’re honored to
again be recognized by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative
organizations,” said Kermit Crawford, Walgreens president of pharmacy, health
and wellness services and solutions. “With more than 7,800 community drugstores
and a network of health care professionals trusted by millions of people every
day, innovation is how we provide greater access to a wide variety of health and
daily living needs.”

Walgreens has a rich history of innovation spanning
more than 110 years. In 2011, Walgreens introduced a number of significant
programs and initiatives to meet the changing needs of customers, the health
care system and the thousands of communities it services throughout the U.S.

Advancing Community Pharmacy
Walgreens continues to advance
community pharmacy by providing greater patient access to expanded health care
services. At the core of this approach is an initiative that positions
pharmacists at a desk in front of the pharmacy to provide more patient
counseling, offer clinical services and answer questions. By making community
pharmacists more accessible, Walgreens aims to create better health outcomes and
generate cost savings for patients, payers and the health care system.
concept has been implemented at close to 100 pilot stores in the Chicago and
Indianapolis markets as part of Walgreens Well Experience store format.

Other features of these stores include:
Health guides, who are
Walgreens staff members available to answer product and service questions and
help customers find the best solutions for their health care needs. Health
guides can also assist patients with check-in for the Take Care Clinics.

Take Care Clinics, located in select stores, offer walk-in, accessible and
affordable health care services provided by board-certified nurse practitioners
or physician assistants.
Express Rx, self-serve touch-screen kiosks that
allow patients to quickly pick up and pay for pre-ordered prescriptions refills.

A health corner for individual or group health and wellness events,
customized for the local community.
Private or semi-private consultation
rooms that provide a clinical environment ideal for services such as
immunizations, blood pressure testing, blood glucose and A1C tests and
self-injectable medications.
Providing Greater Access to Healthy Foods in
Underserved Communities
In conjunction with First Lady Michelle Obama and
the Partnership for a Healthier America’s efforts to fight childhood obesity,
Walgreens in July announced a major effort to bring healthier food options and
more accessible health care resources to its stores in underserved

As part of the commitment, Walgreens plans to convert or
open at least 1,000 “food oasis” stores across the country over the next five

“With more than 45 percent of our stores located in areas that
don’t have ready access to fresh food, we are uniquely positioned to bring more
food options to Americans and also provide needed pharmacy, health and wellness
services directly to those communities,” Crawford said.

Nation’s Leading
Retail Host of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Walgreens plans to offer
electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at approximately 800 locations across
the country, which it expects will make it the nation’s largest retail host. The
company’s neighborhood stores provide convenient locations for EV drivers to
recharge near home or work. The charging stations will feature either a
high-speed direct current (DC) charger that can add 30 miles of range in as
little as 10 minutes of charging time, or a Level 2 charger that can add up to
25 miles of range per hour of charge.

Walgreens has already added EV
charging stations to select stores in markets including Denver, Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Florida, Oregon, Washington and
Washington, D.C.

To create the Most Innovative Companies issue, Fast
Company’s editorial team analyzes information on thousands of businesses across
the globe. The result is a package unlike that of any other business media. It’s
not just about revenue growth and profit margins; it’s about identifying
creative models and progressive cultures – to define the many forms of
innovation that exist across the business landscape.

The complete list
and related stories appear in the March 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine
currently on newsstands and online at

Walgreens ( is the nation’s largest drugstore
chain with fiscal 2011 sales of $72 billion. The company operates 7,830
drugstores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Each day,
Walgreens provides nearly 6 million customers the most convenient, multichannel
access to consumer goods and services and trusted, cost-effective pharmacy,
health and wellness services and advice in communities across America. Walgreens
scope of pharmacy service includes retail, specialty, infusion, medical facility
and mail service, along with respiratory services. These services improve health
outcomes and lower costs for payers including employers, managed care
organizations, health systems, pharmacy benefit managers and the public sector.
Take Care Health Systems is a Walgreens subsidiary that is the largest and most
comprehensive manager of worksite health and wellness centers and in-store
convenient care clinics, with more than 700 locations throughout the country.

Robert Elfinger, (847) 315-2962

Eric Montgomery
Montgomery & Company, Inc.
Technology | Innovation |
9 West Washington Blvd., Suite 400
Chicago, Illinois
Allstate’s LaNeve, ‘Mayhem’ mastermind, leaving company

LaNeve, ‘Mayhem’ mastermind, leaving company

Allstate’s LaNeve, ‘Mayhem’ mastermind, leaving company

By: Steve
Daniels February 27, 2012

(Crain’s) – Mark LaNeve, the senior executive
responsible for Allstate
Corp.’s high-profile “Mayhem” advertising campaign,
is leaving the company.

Mr. LaNeve, 52, Allstate’s chief marketing
officer, resigned “for personal
reasons,” Allstate said late

It’s not clear whether Allstate will find a replacement. “We’re
the marketing responsibilities of Mark’s position, and when we
information about it, we’ll make it available,” a spokesman

In recent years, the amount and quality of advertising has become
crucial in
the cutthroat auto insurance industry, where online players Geico
Progressive Corp. have made inroads on the franchises of agent-sold
like Bloomington-based State Farm Insurance Cos. and, more
Northbrook-based Allstate – the No. 1 and No. 2 insurers of
cars and homes
in the country, respectively.

(See related story:
“Allstate misses the turn as rivals reinvent auto

LaNeve, who joined Allstate in 2009 from General Motors Corp., oversaw
creation of the “Mayhem” character, played by actor Dean Winters,
injected humor into a message that higher-priced insurance from Allstate
worth it because the company could be counted on to pay its claims,
“cut-rate” online insurers.

The Mayhem campaign created buzz
online, as measured by tens of thousands of
YouTube hits.

today also announced the second executive-team shake-up in

Matt Winter, 55, was promoted from senior vice president
to president of
Allstate Auto, Home and Agencies. As unit president, he will
manage the
company’s core car and homeowners insurance operations, and assume
responsibility of overseeing Allstate’s 10,000 agents nationwide. Mr.
had been managing agent relations.

In addition, Chief Financial
Officer Don Civgin, 50, moves over to run
Allstate Financial, the company’s
much smaller life insurance arm. Steve
Shebik, 55, a 16-year financial
veteran of Allstate, takes over as CFO.

And Steve Verney, 53, remains as
chief risk officer but joins the senior
leadership team, where he will report
to Mr. Wilson.

With Mr. LaNeve’s departure, two of the three key senior
execs Mr. Wilson
recruited from outside the company in 2009 have

Former Travelers Cos. executive Joseph Lacher, whom Mr. Wilson
installed as
president of Allstate’s home and auto business, exited abruptly
last year
after privately disparaging Mr. Wilson to a group of agents at an
function. Mr. Winter, who came to Allstate from American International
Inc. and initially ran its life insurance business, is the only one of
three who remains.

Allstate took pains today to characterize Mr.
LaNeve’s exit as being on good
terms. “Mark’s resignation was a personal
one,” Mr. Wilson said in the
release. “We accept Mark’s decision and are
confident in the abilities of
our strong leadership team to generate results
that will have Allstate win
in the marketplace.”

Update, Feb. 28: Mr.
LaNeve told the Chicago Tribune today that he was
leaving because of
challenges in caring for his twin autistic sons, who live
in the Detroit
area. Mr. LaNeve has been commuting to Allstate’s Northbrook
from Detroit for the past two years.

“I definitely was not unhappy at
Allstate,” he wrote in an email to Crain’s
today. “I believe strongly in the
strategy (Allstate CEO) Tom Wilson has
laid out for the company. Loved the
people I worked with and believe there
is very strong leadership in place.
Loved working with the agents as well.”

Read more:
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Tom Bennett: Special Report:
Catch-22 for State of Illinois: February 27, 2012 (Update): Incentives,
incentives, incentives — and Tom, I have not had time to read this awfully long
article, but I sure hope nothing is in it that will get me sued

Special Report: Catch-22 for State of Illinois: February 27, 2012 (Update):
Incentives, incentives, incentives.
Date: 2/27/2012 11:56:11 A.M. Central
Standard Time
Reply To:
Report (Update 2/26/12): Catch-22 for State of Illinois: February 24, 2012:
Incentives, incentives, incentives.
February 26, 2012 (11:55p CT): Chicago,
Illinois, U.S.A.

By Thomas R. Bennett, Publisher of
“….don’t be afraid to see what you see.”
President Ronald W. Reagan

“Corruption doesn’t have to be conspiratorial
to be pervasive.”
~ Urban Investment Research Corporation President S.
Bismark Brackett

This evening’s Special Report will remain very tight and
to-the-point as our Special Report is an observance based upon recent events
over past several months in Chicago. In addition, we will also be presenting
questions related to possible correlations related to NuclearChicago’s
observance(s) as the Chicago Casino Crew that Nuclear Chicago has reported-upon
is a very pervasive force in the State of Illinois (and by extension –
Washington D.C. – specifically, The White House for past 3+

Observance 1: John Kass professes to be a good government-type
and sincere antagonist for the State of Illinois Combine. In recent years, Kass
has demonstrated an affinity in exposing the Rod Blagojevich-Jimmy DeLeo-Rahm
Emanuel nexus of political interests.

just talking about putting political pieces on the board the Chicago Way. A
vacant Senate seat and a soon-to-be vacant House seat in Illinois would be a
package deal. Consider this mathematical equation: Jimmy/Rod + Jimmy/Rahm =
Happy Rod, Jimmy and Rahm. Get it?”

Observance 2: In keeping with the
John Kass spirit of putting all the political pieces on the board, I am going to
share some recent experiences as well as reported-events to begin to put all the
political pieces on the board as something is inherently sketchy, funky and
absurd related to the homicide of Lyons Township Student Kelli O’Laughlin and
its coinciding with several events in recent months.

Kass: Message from a
slain child’s phone — no words to describe it O’Laughlin case is parents’ worst

3: Historic snowstorm that hit Washington D.C. in late October 2011 – mere days
after Kelli O’Laughlin’s murder.

4: The unprecedented convergence of several law enforcement agencies – including
United States Secret Service (Treasury), Cook County Sheriff’s Office (D),
Orland Park Police Department (D) and Cook County State’s Attorney Office (D) as
well as Chicago Police Department (?) as well as media coverage via Chicago
Media Outfit (The Usual Suspects).

Observance 5: Evidently, John Kass
lives near Lyons Township High School where Kelli O’Laughlin reportedly

Observance 6: Evidently, Eric Zorn – a total tool and
douche-bag for The Chicago Tribune and by extension The Chicago Media Outfit –
felt compelled to throw unprovoked and categorically-false accusations at
NuclearChicago during our coverage of The Blagojevich Retrial by implying that
NuclearChicago and Thomas R. Bennett is “loony.”

Ironically, same “Loony” comments that clearly imply unstable, crazy or
uncredible were also coming-on the heels of my hospitalization at Christ
Hospital on Thanksgiving Day 2010 as I was admitted to Christ Hospital’s
psychiatric ward after my younger brother beat-the-crap out of me as he
stumbled-in on Thanksgiving morning hungover from an evening of heavy drinking.
While I was transported to Christ Hospital, I was not aware of the basis for my
transfer via Chicago Police Department – in fact, I figured it was to have a
physician look at me for abuse. Our mom and youngest sister fabricated a “story”
that I attacked my brother with a potato peeler. Its categorically false,
however, I was admitted against my wishes to the Christ Hospital psychiatric
ward (and did not find out until recent weeks that I was placed-on suicide
watch). Evidently, neither my mom or younger sister shared with Christ Hospital
staff that my brother attacked me – unprovoked – because I reminded my brother
of his drinking-related transgressions in Wichita, Kansas (and possibly Lake
Geneva – reportedly the Home of Chicago Mob). As I reminded my brother of same
transgressions – he attacked me and beat the crap out of me. It appears that I
am going to have to question Jeremiah Joyce, Sr., Marty Dolan and Jeremiah
Joyce, Jr – which I have no problem doing – irrespective of their so-called
Federal Clout.
I guess having Jeremiah Joyce, Sr., Tom Dart and Father
Mallette in his corner is supposed to entitle my younger brother to attack
people for reminding him of his drinking-related b.s.

Observance 8:
During 1999, Christ Hospital staff tried counseling me and my wife to abort our
daughter. We refused.

Observance 9: We have a beautiful

Observance 10: Former Christmas Tree salesman Christopher
Granath pulled-a-gun on me while trying to “jew-him-down” (at our mom’s
instruction) for a Christmas Tree the evening of the Bears v. Saints game on
Thursday, December 11, 2008 at the Christmas Tree lot across-the-street from
Keegan’s Irish Pub. Me and a Leo-alum left without incident very surprised with
Chris Granath’s erratic, unstable and threatening behavior. To this end, I did
not return fire at Christopher Granath. We simply left and I did not call The
Real Police.

Observance 11: I am not anti-semetic. In fact, some of my
jewish acquaintances and colleagues have often poked-fun at me and call me a
‘mick’ from time-to-time as two of our grandparents are from

Observance 12: The Beverly Review – our neighborhood, gossip
paper – published a front page picture with Mr. Granath and his fellow-Christmas
Tree salesmen within mere days of Granath pulling gun on me and the Leo High
School Alum.

Observance 13: On Wednesday, December 23, 2009, the evening
of my Aunt’s funeral – I visited the same Christmas Tree lot to inquire about
Christopher Granath and to my surprise Chris Granath was working at same
Christmas Tree lot. I did not curse at Granath. Nor did I threaten Mr. Granath –
I just said – “Hey…“ Nor was I picking a fight or engaging in tit-for-tat. I
simply said “Hey…”

Observance 14: Granath visited Keegan’s a few minutes
later and started leveling threats toward me and our family in the pub while we
were drinking Guinness and celebrating our Aunt’s life. Please keep in mind that
these are unsolicited threats being delivered from the same former Christmas
Tree salesman that pulled a firearm on me and a Leo alum on Thursday, December
11, 2008. Same Leo alum also happens to be a former neighbor.

15: We stepped outside a few times. Granath laid me out with a punch. I did not
swing back. CPD Sgt. Loony & Company escorted me to the 22nd District for

Observance 16: After spending the evening in the 22nd
District lock-up, I was transported to an Area 2 holding cell for a bond
hearing. At same bond hearing, I was informed of an outstanding warrant from
DuPage County for a Wednesday November 26, 2008 traffic stop in Naperville,
Illinois. Earlier that evening, me and my younger brother had returned to
Chicago from Wichita, KS where we had been consulting for a Chicago-based real
estate partnership.

Observance 17: Upon returning home the evening of
Wednesday November 26, 2008 – our mom’s unstable and erratic condition had
clearly escalated. Based upon the events during the week of the October 2008 Jon
Burge indictment, it was abundantly evident that her condition had significantly
escalated due to the ruse via the eccentric Alvarez/Devine and Rezko/Stroger
operative as the ruse same piece-of-dog-sh_t operative used was performed while
our mom was walking our dogs. Evidently, the operative informed our mom that he
was (a.) homeless; (b.) the last time he met our mom was during the evening of
an October 1980 neighborhood fund-raiser at The Dan Ryan Forest

Observance 18: The evening of the October 1980 neighborhood
fund-raiser that same political operative used to develop a rapport with our mom
was the same evening our-then youngest sister Kelly Rose Bennett passed-away
from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Kelly Rose Bennett was approximately 6-months
old at the time. As in many unexpected deaths – it disrupted a fairly harmonious
family environment – but for a handful of disturbing instances for a young
family of The Chicago Police Department (and Chicago Fire Department). This
piece of dog-sh_t then proceeded to inform our mom that he was homeless –

Observance 19: Our mom than proceed to purchase sundries,
food and new eye-wear for same eccentric (and homeless) political operative that
presumably provides his ‘clout-friends’ with plausible denials of their
involvement with the October 2008 ruse, harassment and

Observance 20: I am not a Cub fan. I am not a homosexual. I am
not bi-sexual.

Observance 21: I love my daughter. I love my wife. I love
the rest of my family.

Observance 22: After beating me up in our then 3rd
floor kitchen, I was able to scramble out-of-the-house barely dressed as my
clothes were torn-off – I did not throw one punch at my brother. I simply
allowed my brother to beat me up as I realize he has had issues with drinking –
and its hard to blame him as our families have been on the receiving-end of
incredible grief/crazy toxic politics for past several years since he was a kid
– and he’s one of the best brothers (and best friends) in the World as I would
do just about anything for my little brother.

Observance 23: There are
some Republican members of the General Assembly with reported ties to LaGrange
community – including Michael G. Connelly from Querrey & Harrow and Illinois
General Assembly. While Michael Connelly has not voted for expanded gaming
legislation, his Republican colleague Chapin Rose from Downstate Charleston,
Illinois has voted for expanded gaming in Illinois. Evidently, Mr. Rose is
running for the State Senate with Governor Edgar’s

Observance 24: I have a court appearance in the morning in
Markham where Blago confidante (and now deceased) Chris Kelly used to work. I
plan on filing a motion to transfer my misdemeanor trial to Bridgeview’s 5th

Observance 25: My younger brother’s past drinking indiscretions
were with jag-bags.

Observance 26: The typical Chicago Media Outfit
response of “Nothing to See Here Folks” DOES NOT APPLY to the Kelli O’Laughlin
homicide and Kelli O’Laughlin’s relevance to the toxic and illuminating
bi-partisan politics of expanded Casino’s in Illinois. The toxic Illinois
Bi-Partisan Combine, select U.S. Attorney’s (including U.S. Attorney Patrick J.
Fitzgerald and Eric Holder) at 219 South Dearborn appear to be “committed” to
their quid-pro-quo’s involving Blagojevich circus, USA v. Burge Federal Trial
and ongoing Rezko/Obama saga.

Observance 27: Kelli Olson’s alleged killer
is being represented by a former “Former” Federal Agent – John Paul Carroll –
Once a Federal Agent, always a Federal Agent. John Paul Carroll appears to
reside in DuPage County – Home of Gloryhounds, F.B.I. Agents and Rolando
Cruz/Jeanine Nicarico country.

28: I met with John Paul Carroll several weeks ago at a Starbucks in Saint
Barnabas/Beverly to question him related to the illuminating corruption taking
place in Bridgeview’s 5th District. I also was very adamant with John Paul
Carroll that based upon my experience in covering (and reporting-upon) recent
Federal cases at 219 South Dearborn – the Kelli O’Laughlin homicide smells like
an incredibly sick Gloryhound stunt involving the Chicago Media Outfit (BGA
Goo-goo Andy Shaw included).
Observance 29: Dick Devine, Bob Milan and Anita
Alvarez are beyond crooked. There are obviously several corrupt reasons why
Alvarez is running unopposed in the Democratic Primary and is reportedly (via
Michael Sneed) having a Federal appointment dangled as an incentive to
‘play-ball’ with corrupt Illinois Combine and Illinois Mob – same

Observance 30: The Obama Presidential Campaign, Illinois Combine
and Chicago Casino Crew clearly benefit from highly-publicized, glory-hound
proceedings involving Kelli O’Laughlin homicide hearings, trial and possible
race-based drama similar to what Father Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright stirred-up
in 2008. The Illinois GOP (Old Guard and Old Guard-Endorsed New Guard) benefits
from Kelli O’Laughlin homicide by appearing “tough” on violent crime. In
addition, highly-publicized, glory-hound proceedings involving Kelli O’Laughlin
allow Anita Alvarez to re-establish her so-called ‘law enforcement’ bona fides
that have been impaired via the Koschman/Vanecko negative publicity. The Kelli
O’Laughlin homicide proceedings also enables Cook County’s 5th District to
appear tough-on-crime when the reality is — the 5th District Courthouse is
incredibly corrupt.

Observance 31: Concierge Preferred owner and Bill
Bracken BFF Tim O’Malley lives in Indian Head Park. I have nothing bad to say
about Tim O’Malley, but Tim O’Malley has witnessed my compassionate,
laissez-faire attitude – however – Tim O’Malley has never witnessed my Irish
passion – neither has his BFF Bill Bracken or Bill Bracken BFF Mark

Observance 32: Mr. O’Laughlin’s dad better be Outraged at both
Illinois GOP, Illinois Democrats, Illinois Mob, The University of Chicago and
Obama Campaign Operatives as well as Chicago Casino Lobby for the explicit
corruption involved with Kelli O’Laughlin’s homicide.

Observance 33: My
younger brother has befriended some sick, pieces-of-dog-sh_t.

34: “Hey…..”
Observance 35: False-arrest and torture case continued to March
7, 2012. Unfortunately, the Judge denied my request to transfer matter back to
Cook County’s 5th District Trial Room.

Observance 36: My younger brother
extended an Olive Branch earlier this morning – a six-pack of Miller Lite along
with a deluge of threats based upon egregious misinformation he’s been receiving
related to my high school days and undergraduate years. He’s got an Irish Temper
and interesting friends from West Side of Chicago.

Observance 37: My
younger brother is continuing to demonstrate very bad

Observance 38: Why doesn’t John Kass ever mention his
collegial/Southtown Economist relationship with Ed Vrdolyak especially when Kass
is trying to draw attention to the Degnan family from the 11th Ward? It doesn’t
make sense. Perhaps, its because Degnan’s, Vanecko’s and Daley Brothers did not
attend University of Chicago?

Beavers may be a lot of things, but he’s no
phony Photos: Illinois politicians in trouble with the law,0,3366391.column

39: Looking forward to a restful evening and Sunday.

Solution I: No
Casinos in Chicago as Casinos = Organized Crime and Chicago Media Outfit.Does
anyone really care that Beevers visits Casino’s? As long as same Casino’s aren’t
located in Chicago – a gambling regular can always arrange rides via Indiana,
Joliet, Aurora, Elgin and via Chinatown shuttle buses.

SOLUTION(s): Throw
the BUMS out in Springfield, Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County and Washington
D.C. – especially the BUMS supporting expanded gaming/Casinos.
Observance 40:
Evidently, there is an Order of Protection for an Albert Bennett from
Sacramento, California that fits an eerily similar description to me. Its also
illuminating to see the booking photo’s for my 2003 encounter with an
over-served Irishman from Brother Rice as well as my booking photo from my
December 2009 Chis Granath incident #2. While Chris Granath did not show-up for
the battery (and alleged tress-passing) court date during Q12010 at 727 East
111th Street, Chris Granath did ‘show-up’ at Bridgeview’s 5th District
Courthouse during 2010. Specifically, while I was caucusing with my 2nd attorney
Frank B. Avila outside a 2nd floor courtroom in Cook County’s 5th District – I
was both disrupted and verbally-threatened by Chris “Vanilla Ice” Granath.
Evidently, Mr. Granath was visiting the 5th District relating to a bogus firearm
allegation otherwise known as a ruse (or cover) as law enforcement is clearly
permitted to carry a firearm.

Observance 41: On the morning of Thursday,
October 27, 2011 – I attended an event that I was invited to at The University
of Chicago Gleecher Center. At same event I had an opportunity to say “Hey……” to
a former United States Congressman that I had performed an act-of-charity for at
the request of Mr. Andrew Hochberg – a former colleague, professional
acquaintance and Year 2000 Congressional candidate for a congressional seat once
occupied by U.S. Senator Kirk.

Observance 42: Although, its been several
years – I recall the wedding gift we received from Mr. Hochberg as being a set
of steak-knives. Anyone that is familiar with Alex Baldwin’s memorable
performance in Glen Garry, Glen Ross can appreciate Mr. Hochberg’s sense of
humor as there is an often recited line amongst real estate executives related
to Cadillac’s and steak-knives.

Observance 43: While its been several
years, I recall having zero input related to wedding registry gifts as I really
didn’t care. I was just interested in celebrating an awesome day with my bride,
having a fun party and possibly receiving enough cash gifts to either (a.)
pay-down the Chicago Athletic Association bill; or (b.) make a down payment on a
house in the City of Chicago as I had no desire to (a.) rent; (b.) live with
my-Irish-immigrant father-in-law.

Observance 44: Upon leaving the
University of Chicago event on Thursday, October 27, 2011 – I prepared to return
home to Beverly’s 19th Ward, however, I then made a pivot and headed Northbound
on Michigan Avenue where I ran into a friend of the Pritzker’s and Sterling Bay
outside The Tribune Tower. While me, the Irishman and the jewish lady were
engaging in pleasant chit-chat outside The Tribune Tower – the Irishman informed
me that we was scheduled to have lunch with Andy Gloor – principal of Sterling

Observance 45: As I made my way Northbound on Michigan Avenue to the
Law Offices of The Vanecko Brothers, I happened-upon a biracial couple –
allegedly from Bridgeport. The white female looked disheveled and informed me
she was pregnant as well as homeless. In lieu of providing same couple money for
booze – among other things – I informed them that I would purchase each of them
a sandwich off of the $1 menu at McDonald’s.

Observance 46: Upon arriving
at the McDonald’s, I informed the couple to please order off the $1 menu as I
barely had enough cash to return to the Beverly via Rock Island Metra. The black
guy ordered a sandwich off the regular menu. Instead of having $3.50 to take the
Metra, I had less than $3.00 remaining and I recall informing couple of same and
that I guess I’ll just have to take the EL.

Observance 46: In lieu of
heading to Vanecko’s Law Office, I decided to stop-by the YMCA on Chicago Avenue
as I wanted to check-out the place where the Rezko/Stroger and
Devine/Alvarez/Daley operative had allegedly to resided per the information the
operative provided CPD Officer Darling and his partner.

Observance 47:
After wrapping-up my visit to the Colliers Bennett & Kahnweiler-managed YMCA
– the entire place seemed strange and very weird.

Observance 48: As I
crossed Chicago Avenue to board the CTA Red-Line, I received a phone call from
Rob Halpin – Loyola Academy alum, West Rogers Park native and non-Schedule E
tenant of Rahm Emanuel as well as Rahm Emanuel and 101 East Erie antagonist.
According to Rob Halpin, his wife allegedly worked for the Obama for President
campaign during 2008.

Observance 49: Upon concluding a very brief
conversation with Rob Halpin, I grabbed a copy of The Chicago Reader and made my
way Southbound on The Dan Ryan Red-Line and exited at 95th & The Dan Ryan.
It was a gorgeously sunny afternoon and I recall walking westbound on 95th
Street. Upon arriving at home, I took a nap as the entire University of Chicago
event (and events afterward seemed weird – including my conversation with the
former U.S. Congressman).

Observance 50: While I recall hearing something
about a girl being murdered in the Western Suburbs – nothing really crossed my
mind other than briefly thinking it was a very tragic event. Nor did I recall
the girl’s name, but I remember seeing her face on television a few

Observance 51: I forget how long it took me to start connecting
the Organized Crime dots in the Kelli O’Laughlin homicide, but the moment I did
– I was like F_CK this! And upon reading one of John Kass’ articles – I was like
mother f_cker – we live in one F’d up state as well as country (right now). As
I’ve continued to connect-the-dots, its appearing that Obama 2012 campaign is
definitely trying to ‘rev-up’ a race-based, class-warfare campaign – and
compared with the State of Illinois shenanigans related to expanded gaming as
well as the proposed City of Chicago Casino – its appearing that the Mob is
running our Country as well as our State. I am certain the sick-f_cko’s running
the State of Illinois and Obama 2012 are looking to incorporate the
O’Laughlin/John Wilson proceedings as another example of “the man” knocking “the
black man down” narrative.
F_ck that. That’s ridiculous. I’m sick of these
bad after-school T.V. special story-lines.

Observance 52: On December 12,
2008 I visited the State of Illinois building to request a meeting with Special
Investigator of Lisa Madigan’s Attorney General Office as it was becoming
abundantly clear that our family was on receiving-end of react from a poorly-led
and hyper-political 1992 Roland Burris-led political witch-hunt. To this day,
Ponsetto and Madigan’s have refused to respond to my inquires related to the
1992 Roland Burris witch-hunt.

Observance 53: I was informed yesterday
and verified today that our mom has applied for and appears to be receiving
Social Security benefits for me – which is 110% disingenuous and 110% illegal as
I have full mental and physical capacities – nor am I unstable or erratic. Given
my younger brother’s checkered-history with drinking and doing nothing remotely
productive – beyond caring for our special needs mom – I am beyond illuminated
with our family’s Social Security stunt.
Observance 54: Our brother – who
attacked me and threatened me while he was drunk on early Saturday morning is
now working with a total, 110% mobster named Bob Fioretti. To say that Fioretti
is a piece-of-work is an understatement – especially with the numerous stunts he
pulled at The Chicago Athletic Association.

More to come including
questions related to 26th & Cal Grand Jury procedure, Former Illinois
Attorney General Joseph Ponsetto, Cook County Judge Peter Felice and Illinois
Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s refusal to comply with FOIA.


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