Zingher on the problem with the Forbes article, a heavy mail day….

April 16, 2004

The May Report: 4/16/2004: Zingher on the problem with the Forbes article, a heavy mail day….

Editor and publisher: Ron May, ron@,,

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The Scoop section:

— Joe Zingher on what the Forbes article about him missed

— Briefly noted, by Ron May

1a. That was Liz Ryan, looking sharp, on CNN
1b. Layton Olson: [CTC-Chi] Chicago Social Network event April 19 6-8pm
1c. Jason Meyers: VoIP conference looking for panelist
1d. Derek Scruggs: Greetings from Boulder
1e. Scott Kane: His 15 minutes of fame: to appear on WLS on Sunday mornilng at
1f. Amy Millman: Reads TMR from D.C.
1g. Jelly Fishy talker
1h. Bop Breum: Keep up the good work on Efoora
1i. Paul Peldyak: New Internet Search Technology – Seminar in Chicago – May 26,
2004 at the Chicago Athletic Club
1j. Randy Pickard: Thanks
1k. Dan Limbach: Web Developer Needed Immediately in Oak Park
1l. From the bounced mail: Ryan Kelsey no longer works at the Stuart Graduate
School of Business
1m. Go Zebra!: RFID and Ed Kaplan
1n. C. J. Newton: Re. What the heck is Jonathan Ashton’s company called again?
1o. Not everyone finds Sam Zell quite so charming
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The Scoop section:
Joe Zingher on what the Forbes article about him missed

[Editor’s note: Ron May here. Joe Zingher contacted me about an article we had
reprinted some time ago about him that originally appeared in Forbes. He told
me that they got the story wrong. I was naturally interested since it involved
showing up a “competitor” of sorts, and I told Joe I would call him, but have
not gotten around to it yet. Too busy planning that “Secrets of the Mey Report”
gathering for next Tuesday. Anyway, I got lucky. Joe sent me a write-up on what
the issue was with the Forbes piece. Here is the link to the reprint we ran on
2/23/04 (or just search the TMR archives for Zingher::
/5bc58ae3e3e0d5cc86256e44002b1a6d!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,zingher ]

From: “Joe Zingher”
To: “‘The May Report'”
Subject: RE: Forbes
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 11:39:32 -0500

Here’s the gist of what Forbes either missed or is ignoring. Up until
now, the banking industry has had an absolute monopoly on atm crime
statistics. No police department anywhere in the country keeps track of
the problem, and the only source of information, of any kind, on the
topic was the number of lawsuits filed against ATM owners for injuries
sustained in a robbery. That’s why most ATM deployers are either “bare”
or they get insurance through the ATMIA, the ATM Industry Association,
through a specialized risk carrier. That’s only done when the risk
insured is too high, e.g. airplane owner’s insurance. However, thanks
to the computerization of police records, that monopoly on information
has been broken, and I told Kellner/Forbes that. On March 10th, the
first such study was delivered to the Academy of Criminal Justice
Sciences Conference in Las Vegas. Over 2000 criminologists had the
opportunity to hear and consider this information. For instance, over
3% of all Robberies, Attempted Robberies and Assaults in Indianapolis
occur within 100 feet of an ATM. That extrapolates nationally to 44,000
violent crimes per year. The data for 200 and 300 feet kick that up
even higher. The study was done by Deke Hager, a grad student at
Indiana U in Bloomington. The faculty vetted the work before it was
presented. There are politicians looking into the matter in states
other than Illinois and Kansas, and they are well aware of the
implications of being accused of taking “blood money” from the banking
industry for ignoring the problem. In point of fact, a paper trail
leading from The Congressional Record of July 30, 1986, page 18232
(Statement of Rep Mario Biaggi) to Chicago, Chapter 4-305 of the
Municipal Code (1994) to Springfield and the Automated Teller Machine
Security Act of 1996 to the Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate in
1999 shows that there’s been a political/beauracratic effort to keep the
extent of the problem from the public.

The purpose in all this could be anything, but the most likely reasons
are: 1) If the public is too aware of ATM Crime, it is bad for business,
and official stats would make the public too aware; 2) As things stand
now, most people view ATM Crime as “Street Crime” in the sense that the
bank can’t do anything about it, but when it’s pointed out to them that
an emergency PIN system is possible, then suddenly 70% of the public
says it is the banking industry’s responsibility to fix the problem and
if they don’t, then the bank is at fault and can be held legally liable;
and 3) Everybody in charge now was brought up through the banking
industry following the same policies and procedures when it comes to ATM
marketing. The bank official who champions this cause puts his own
career at risk if he does. But, he doesn’t risk anything by standing
If you have a computer problem, need to set up a network or have trouble
with a software program or desktop, Home Computer Mechanics offers
personalized service. For more details, contact

Briefly noted, by Ron May

* The best of intentions, but… there is no time for a lengthy write-up today.
There were a lot of interesting people at the ARCH/Coalition meeting. I had a
good chat with John Maxson, am working on that, and this morning I made the
fatal call — to Dick Reck. No call with Dick ever lasts a minute. But it is
well worth it. I wanted to invite him to the “Secrets of The May Report”
gathering at Costa’s on Tuesday, April 20th. We are getting a good response and
I expect an overflow, but that is good.

Little things I picked up from Reck:

— Mike Cullinane just left Divine a few weeks ago. He was one of three people
handling the bankruptcy.

— Alex Zoghlin has a computer museum with old 360s in a warehouse somewhere.

— There is an internet livestock management firm in the area that is acquiring
an RFID business. Will get you more on that.

— Bob Ingersoll went to Sivox, a software firm in the Western burbs

— It was Melson Technologies that Softa Group was sold to

— We talked about tech and trends and how there are always fads. I brought up
AI and said that AI seems to have failed as a fad, and Dick said it is just
embedded, but it is everywhere. He mentioned AI Corp which was merged with
Channel Software which was bought by Trinsic and that firm was bought by
Platinum Technologies. I hope Reck comes to the party. He is a wealth of

— Talked about outsourcing. His opinions on it are worth writing about, but it
has to wait until Monday.

— Bob Geras is going to some show in Vegas where several firms he invested in
will be on display.

I have a wide range of topics from doing business in the Ukraine and the
corruption of the business and government there to the mayor of CountryClub
Hills to the story of a WWII Flying Tigers vet who trecked through India on
every conceivable form of transport into China where they build the run ways by
chopping the stones into bits with their hands to a funny story about “This
guy’s fence” as Julia described it to me on her brief stay here last weekend.
“This guy”, the guy whose fence they painted, was only the man from Missouri
himself, Harry S. Truman. Those interviews on Jay Leno are real. People really
don’t know this stuff.

But I have to go eat and then head to Evanston for the Jeff Coney farewell
party. Enjoy the afternoon. Oh, by the way, Bill, the guy who won the job on
“The Apprentice” is from Orland Park and grew up a few blocks from my
sister-in-law, Tricia Dowling (now May)

I wanted to invite a few VCs to the evening of reminiscing. I called J.B.
Pritzker and his secretary told me that he had a herniated disk and has had
back surgery. I was hoping to get Wally Cornett and Marc Sokol. We want talkers
here. I also would like to get Gian Fulgoni.
1a. That was Liz Ryan, looking sharp, on CNN
From: “Kristi Hughes-WorldWIT”
Subject: Indeed, that was Liz Ryan on CNN!
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 13:39:35 -0400

Hello Ron –

Yes, that was, in fact, Liz Ryan looking sharp and sounding eloquent on CNN
yesterday. She had advice for any Donald Trump wannabes that thought “The
Apprentice’s” portrayal of Corporate America was “reality.” To anyone that
missed it, here is what she had to say, in short:

Success Is A Balancing Act – It takes more than just a pretty smile, short
skirt and ivy league MBA to get to the top.
Take Accountability – Earn respect by owning up to your mistakes. Don’t
steamroll and backstab your colleagues.
Strategy & Substance – The candidates on The Apprentice were A-type
personalities (for the most part). Add substance to your team by including all
Keep Your (Moral) Compass – Think Enron…you can be dragged down by what is
happening around you or you could sail right through. Don’t stoop.
Find A Mentor – The women on the show should have seen the obvious–Carolyn,
one of Trump’s top lieutenants. Had they looked at the example that was right
in front of them, maybe one of them would made it to the final round. Women in
all industries can find exemplary mentors and insights on

For more info on Liz Ryan or WorldWIT, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kristi Hughes
Director of Communications
WorldWIT Inc.
(215) 816-2954

*WorldWIT is a global resource for women in business, offering online and
offline services and discussion communities for professional women to share
ideas, network, mentor, and learn on a local and global level. Please visit us
at to join a free, moderated WorldWIT discussion group in your
1b. Layton Olson: [CTC-Chi] Chicago Social Network event April 19 6-8pm
From: “Layton E. Olson”
To: “Ron May (E-mail)”
Cc: “‘'” ,
“Debra Walker-Johnson (E-mail)”
Subject: RE: [CTC-Chi] Chicago Social Network event April 19 6-8pm
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:18:59 -0500


For attendees (or those who missed) Community Technology Centers’ Network
(CTCNet) Chicago Chapter social network event in March at i.c. stars, below
is an invitation for next Monday April 19 event. It will bring together
persons in business, political life and funding community with Tech Center
staff in underserved Chicago communities, hosted by Nicole Turner-Lee of
Neighborhood Technology Center in the Homan Square facility (old Sears
Building), about half mile south of Congress, at Arthington & Homan. Please
RSVP as below. I would be glad to provide additional information, as well.

Thank you for printing the information about several centers in your April 8
edition. The April 19 event will be 2 days before CTCNet Chicago and
downstate community technology centers will gather in Springfield for
Community Technology Center Day to communicate with legislators and others
on (a) how computer skill training changes lives, and (b) the importance of
providing continuing funding for DCEO’s Eliminate the Digital Divide grant
program in future years.

Layton Olson
Sustainability Committee
Illinois Community Technology Consortium
Law offices Howe & Hutton, Ltd.
1c. Jason Meyers: VoIP conference looking for panelist
Subject: VoIP conference
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 10:01:29 -0500
From: “Meyers, Jason”


Not sure if you remember, but we met briefly a few weeks ago at the IT Resource
Center event. I wanted to seek your feedback on something: Telephony magazine
is hosting a one-day voice over IP conference in June (June 21, the day before
the official start of Supercomm). The conference will be primarily focused on
opportunities for service providers (Telephony’s readership) but will also
cover some enterprise-related topics. On that note, I’m trying to line up a CIO
or IT manager from a mid-sized to large Chicago-based company or other
organization (university, hospital, etc.) that’s using VoIP and would be
willing to participate in a panel session focused on enterprise opportunities.
I was hoping you might know of someone who would be a good fit for that panel.

Also, if your readers are interested in more information about the conference
or registration information, here’s a link: The
companies likely to be involved include Level 3, Sprint, Tekelec, Netrake,
VocalData, Net2Phone, Verisign, ICG, Telus, McCleod and more.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide on an enterprise VoIP user.

Best regards,


Jason Meyers, Editorial Director
Telephony & Wireless Review
1d. Derek Scruggs: Greetings from Boulder
Subj: Greetings from Boulder
Date: 4/15/2004 6:43:40 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Derek Scruggs)

Hi Ron,

I’ve been on your list for quite a long time and always enjoy it, even
though I’ve lived in Boulder for over 5 years now. Anyway, I dunno if this
is something you’d post on your list, but if you would I’d greatly
appreciate it.

I’m helping start a new sports-themed company and we’re looking for $500k in
equity capital. The business will be primarily Internet based, but there
will also be real-world point-of-purchase spots. It’s a great idea, a solid
business plan (given an enthusiastic thumbs up at numerous business plan
competitions) and the economics of the business are compelling. If you’re a
sports fan, you will “get it” and probably love it immediately. If you’re a
marketer, you’ll love the marketing strategy. If you’re an ops person,
you’ll love the production model. If you’re a financial guy, you’ll find the
business model very compelling.

If you’re interested in investing, please contact me at
NOTE: be prepared to identify yourself and explain your interest before
getting a lot of details. I don’t mean to be snooty and paranoid, but for
obvious reasons we want to keep this stealthy until launch this summer.



Escalan, LLC
Smart marketing. Measurable results.
303-543-1186 phone
303-808-6614 cell
425-920-6124 fax
1e. Scott Kane: His 15 minutes of fame: to appear on WLS on Sunday mornilng at
From: “Gray Hair Management – Scott Kane”
Subject: My 15 minutes of fame
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:05:31 -0500
Organization: Gray Hair Management, LLC

Hi Ron,

You’ve heard about 15 minutes of fame? Well, I am scheduled to appear on the
Sunday morning news program at 8:15 am on WLS-TV (Channel 7) this weekend. I
am being interviewed about the methods senior managers should be using to find
new jobs if they’re in transition or just unhappy with their current position.

Scott Kane
Gray Hair Management
1f. Amy Millman: Reads TMR from D.C.
Subj: RE: The May Report: 4/09/2004: New CEO very much on the horizon
at Efoora as the wheels appear to now really be in motion; letters;
Date: 4/9/2004 6:25:39 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Amy Millman)
To: owner-mayreport@list.

I still say that you offer the best info and insights on the Chicago area
Tech and Venture world. I look forward to the mayreport and read it in my DC
office with my chair pointing west. Bravo.


Amy Millman
Springboard Enterprises
2100 Foxhall Road, NW/Somers
Washington, DC 20007
202-242-6280 / 202-242-6284 fax
1g. Jelly Fishy talker
From: Name withheld upon request.
Subject: FW: Jelly fishy talker
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 08:28:00 -0500


This is between you and I and is not to be published. I sent your last report
out to my cousin who is a professional musician and also had a store that sold
musical instruments. Below are his comments. Since he only sent it to me you
can use it if you do not reveal the source.

I am glad you are feeling better.

Name withheld upon request.

—–Original Message—–
From: Name withheld upon request
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2004 11:52 PM
To: Name withheld upon request.
Subject: Jelly fishy talker

Wow, now that is a real professional BS’er
His invention is not stocked by any area music dealers that I ‘ve asked
including the national chains here. There used to be over 10,000 music dealers
nationwide, now there are about 5500 or so. Sales growth is not as he says it
This is his invention…what guitar player will pay 7-8 bucks for an odd-ball
I thank you…I am not exposed to this sort of presentation….and if I could
not translate it..I would have been very impressed. My friend got a patent on a
guitar strap 2 years ago and is still trying to get it into production. I will
send him this article.
Thank you again…Name withheld upon request.
1h. Bop Breum: Keep up the good work on Efoora
From: “Bob Breum”
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 14:00:39 -0600

Just found about your investigative reporting and hopefully you will have to
say something positive about Efoora. I have about 45,000 shares and I had hoped
this would be college money. I have called the company and taled to mel and he
feels all is well but I,m not sure I got a real warm and fuzzy feeling. Please
keep on this company because I to have a few friends and relatives here in
Montana that invested and I’m sure they would’nt be real happy if they were
taken for a ride. Keep up the good work and thanks
1i. Paul Peldyak: New Internet Search Technology – Seminar in Chicago – May 26,
2004 at the Chicago Athletic Club
From: “Paul E. Peldyak” To:
Cc: “Kathleen Dahlgren”
Subject: New Internet Search Technology – Seminar in Chicago – May 26, 2004 at
the Chicago Athletic Club
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:26:43 -0500

To: Ron May
The May Report


Hot tip. I?m told some tech types at Google witnessed a demo of a new search
engine technology. Eyes rolled. Jaws dropped. I?m sure a threat assessment
letter rocketed to company HQ. This product is still below the radar screen
and can?t be duplicated by the techs at Google no matter how hard they try.
It?s based on computational linguistic algorithms developed by Dr. Kathleen
Dahlgren and extensive databases created under her direction that took
twenty years to develop and over 100 ?person years? to code. Even an army of
programmers can?t duplicate it soon, even if they knew how. Might be a
?Google Gobbler.?

Maybe you want to browse. Go to and try the demos

We’re holding a seminar on May 26, 2004, at 12:00 a.m. at the Chicago
Athletic Association mainly for Lawyers and Legal Professionals about using
the Meaning Master Technologies product for intranet and Internet searching.
However, corporations, government agencies, etc. interested in using the
tecnology can RSVP us to hold a seat open. The seminar is limited to the
first 50 respondents. Interested parties should contact Dr. Kathleen
Dahlgren at or call her at 800-848-6950.

Paul E. Peldyak
1j. Randy Pickard: Thanks
From: “Randy Pickard”
Subject: Thanks
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 17:04:51 -0500


Thank you for the very complementary write up on the NetContent AMC
presentation last night.


Randall A. Pickard
V.P. Marketing – iNest Realty
Find Your New Home and Get Cash Back at iNest!
1k. Dan Limbach: Web Developer Needed Immediately in Oak Park
From: “Dan Limbach”
Subject: Web Developer Needed Immediately in Oak Park
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 17:22:56 -0500

Ten bucks an hour?

Commute to Oak Park?

Internship for a seasoned Dreamweaver/HTML expert?

What’s up with that?

OK. It’s not the perfect solution to your next career move. Siren
Interactive Corp. is overloaded, and we need someone to take the
heat off our design folks ASAP. Are you a Dreamweaver expert,
maybe even a guru? Can you hit the ground running? Do you want a
chance to prove your stuff and possibly land a permanent
position? Would a few bucks help you out while working on nifty
corporate projects that build up your resume?

Maybe Siren is just what you need.

We’ve been very successful growing smart, not just fast. We’ve
doubled our staff to 14 in the last 10 months, and we can double
again in our new office space, right in Oak Park. How do we do
it? We bring in very talented folks as interns, let them put
their noses to the grindstone (or not) for three months, and make
a full-time hiring decision based on the quality of the fit and
our ability to pay a real salary. We’ve hired three out of our
last four interns, so it must be working for everyone (The 4th
landed a great job with another company).

A good portion of these people are not fresh out of school
learning the ropes – they bring maturity and expertise. Others
are green, yet hungry to learn. For our current need, we’re
looking for a more seasoned professional, not the recent

We have a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We do great work.

The down side is you have to work with me.




Highly proficient in Dreamweaver/HTML – guru status preferred
Good graphic design skills

Compensation: $10/hour
Quantity: We’ll take as many hours as you are up for – we’re
flexible if you are
Duration: Approximately 3 months
Work Hours: General business hours, flexible start/end times (Can
you start next Monday?)
Location: Oak Park, IL (1 block from Metra Geneva Line and the
Green Line near Harlem Avenue)

Dan Limbach
Director of Marketing

Siren Interactive
1100 Lake Street Suite 140
Oak Park, IL 60301
Phone: (708)763-0763 x22

“We fix underachieving web sites”
1l. From the bounced mail: Ryan Kelsey no longer works at the Stuart Graduate
School of Business
Subj: Ryan Kelsey no longer works at the Stuart Graduate School of
Date: 4/13/2004 7:37:55 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Ryan Kelsey)
To: owner-mayreport@list.

Ryan Kelsey no longer works at the Stuart Graduate School of
Business. If this is in regards to an admissions matter,
please email Vinnie Freeman at or
call us at 312-906-6567. We apologize for any inconvenience
this causes you. Thank you.
1m. Go Zebra!: RFID and Ed Kaplan
From: Name withheld upon request.
To: ron@
Subject: RFID & Ed Kaplan
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 07:42:43 -0700

Ron, please keep me anonymous. As a person who has worked closely with Zebra
(I can’t say how close), I can only cheer for Ed Kaplan, a great guy who has
the leadership knowhow who understands the power of focusing on one thing and
doing it better than anyone else – I’m talking about ID. As you probably know,
Zebra specializes in building bar code printers and ID technology, but they are
also strong in producing “supplies”, including bar code labels of all sorts.
These labels are used in packaging, shipping containers, etc., for some of the
world’s largest corporations. Imagine the ability to replace a bar code label
with an RFID, giving supply chain folks the ability to identify the contents of
a shipping container or package without opening it – and also be able to tell
if it was ever opened. I agree with your readers – RFID is where it’s at, and
the applications are almost endless, from ID chips in shoes to locate missing
children, to compiling inventory of an entire warehouse from the office. THe
only scary thought is if the Bush-Chaney-Rumsfeld group stays around long
enough we might see people with chips secretly imbedded in them to track their

Have a great day and”Go Zebra”.

An anonymous fan.
1n. C. J. Newton: Re. What the heck is Jonathan Ashton’s company called again?
From: “C. J. Newton”
Subject: Re. What the heck is Jonathan Ashton’s company called again?
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 11:29:20 -0500

Hi Ron,

I got a bit of a chuckle out of your comment about what I prefer to call the
evolving nature of our company. You said, “Jonathan Ashton of (and I can
never keep straight what his firm is called these days) MIR Internet
Services, or the website on his card says and his
phone is 312-435-5452.”

I do really want you to remember, so here’s a short, though I wouldn’t say
brief, history.

December, 1995: Jonathan hosted a Holiday party at his apartment in
Wrigleyville. It was a blast. He is pretty well known in certain circles
for his cooking, and he did an excellent job that night. Jonathan and I are
Northwestern University Alumni, and so are many of our friends. It just so
happened that there were some NU alums at the party who just so happened to
be working furiously on a start-up company called Centerstage Chicago.
Remember them? Excellent and very smart people – ahead of their time. At
that time, the site had the traditional “text and some small rectangular
images on a gray background” layout. Remember those days? Ah, Navigator

Well, Jonathan pulled out his laptop which he used in his job as Central
regional manager for Faxon (which you should ask him about, by the way,
since Faxon is the company that became RoeCom which was the company that
ultimately torpedoed Divine?) and we all took a look at the modern world in
the form of I nearly lost it. I mean, I had
only been out of school since 1990, and had basically stopped using a
computer except to write psychological evaluations. A lot had changed in 5
years. Finally there was a use for the Internet other than getting updated
assignments from my Mechanics of Materials professor. By the end of that
evening, Jonathan and I were working out a plan to start the world’s first
online directory of mental health professionals (sounds great, doesn’t it?).

Six months later, we incorporated as Mentalhealth Internet Resources, Inc.
in the State of Illinois and launched the Chicagoland Therapist Finder. We
misguidedly set up our shop at We really liked
the “Mir” because it means community, world, and peace all wrapped up into
one nice Russian word. Plus, it had the M, the I, and the R in it. So,
when you first ran into us, we were Mentalhealth Internet Resources, Inc.
That was sometime after July, 1996.

Of course, it didn’t take long to realize that was
a pretty poor choice for a domain name. It was impossible to SAY. We had
to say “em eye are connect dot com,” and the whole point was we liked the
word “Mir.” Maybe it was my lingering southern accent, but people kept
asking me if I had said, “mirror connect dot com.”

Another thing we quickly (well, not as quickly as I wish we had) realized
was that therapists weren’t ready to be on the Internet. People were
looking for therapists, but the therapists themselves were still very
concerned about being perceived as engaging in marketing. They were just
too concerned about being labeled “ambulance chasers.” So, we took the team
we had assembled to build the therapist directory and put them to work
building websites. Our first major client was the Easter Seals Society of
Metropolitan Chicago, right up our alley, especially since we’ve built and
maintained a free directory of not-for-profit organizations on the web at for many years now.

We decided that we needed to market our services in web design and
development, so we bought the domain, which
we’ve been using since December 1998. We moved the Therapist Finder to in 2000, where it is today. That’s also when
we split off the community resource directory into its own domain, By the way, has
received over 340,000 unique visits so far this year. It’s working. Our
therapist search engine has been searched more than 2 million times this
year. People are visiting, and they’re searching, repeatedly. They’re
making contact with the mental health professionals, and I can only hope
that people are getting help because of what we’ve built. I’m pretty sure
that they are.

Evolve. Survive. Succeed. Grow. Try to do some good along the way.

Anyway, the second time you and I talked about our business, we were talking
about our project, so I understand that you might be a
little confused. We realized that there was confusion and considered
whether to start separate companies or to structure the company as a parent
with unincorporated divisions. We went with the latter. In 2000, we
changed our incorporated name from Mentalhealth Internet Resources, Inc., to
Mir Internet Marketing, Inc. Looking back, even when we were incorporated
as Mentalhealth Internet Resources, Inc., we used the shorthand Mir, so we
decided to just make it official. We are now as we have been, Mir Internet
Marketing, Inc. is a division of Mir.

Now that that’s cleared up, let me throw a wrench in the works. In January
of 2001, we created a new division of our company called SEO Logic Search
Engine Optimization and Placement Services and launched the online presence
at It’s a rather long name, and we often just say,
“SEO Logic, a division of Mir Internet Marketing, Inc.” or just “SEO Logic.”
That is how you will see it presented most of the time.

We did this because since 1996 I have been personally obsessed with search
and have built many test sites in my own efforts to learn how to win on the
search engines and get new clients. We had grown a useful body of knowledge
and were repeatedly successful in gaining top rankings for our clients. I
kept running into companies on the web who claimed to do SEO well, but who
were just using short-term tricks to game the system. The result of gaming
the system is a short term gain – and long term suffering. We started SEO
Logic to provide best of breed search engine optimization services to
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OK, enough with the rambling. One last time:

Jonathan Ashton’s (our) company is called: Mir Internet Marketing, Inc.

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By the way, when you were really examining yourself and spending time in the
hospital, I really enjoyed your report. Thanks for that. Oh, if you’re
reading this and thinking to yourself, “who the heck is C. J.?,” maybe this
picture will refresh your memory:

By the way, I’m the guy who submitted your site to the Open Directory, way
back in May, 2000. See
hicago/News_and_Media/Magazines/. Just looking out for a useful Chicago

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1o. Not everyone finds Sam Zell quite so charming
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 17:34:00 EDT
Subject: Zell charms crowd with insightful folksy talk
To: ron@

Not all folks find him quite so charming, here’s something to give you some
real insight. Please read the attachment. It is a Delaware House Resolution
from last week, basically emergency legislation to stop MHC from evicting old
people etc.

Subj: Elder Abuse coming soon to a park near you compliments of Chicago

Chicago Billionaire Grave Dancer and self proclaimed “Vulture Investor” heads a
multibillion dollar publicly traded corporation (MHC) that makes it’s
livelihood shaking down fixed income old people,mostly female, for their
lifesavings, leaving in its wake widespread poverty, despair and hopelessness.

Where once existed banana bread recipe websites, parties, and a host of
charitable activities, now exists increasingly empty communities as MHC waits
out the last oldsters in each.

It’s happening in Califonia, Florida, Delaware, Colorado, Illinois, it’s
happening in more than half the states, from coast to coast in 200 mobile home
parks owned by this rapacious, predatory, lawsuit loving corporation.

MHC’s leader is a Chicago boy. For some he is a Wall Street genius. For some
he is satan incarnate. He, himself a senior citizen, does not even pretend to
feel anything for the people he is steamrollering. Nope, it’s all about the
money. In Santa Cruz, California, MHC managed to transfer $70 million dollars
of equity from the former homeowners to MHC’s coffers.

Across the country Senators, Assemblypersons, Attorney Generals, and a whole
host of legal representatives agree on one thing. MHC and its team of legal
thugs are immoral criminals. But so far no one has figured out how to stop

We are hoping that by educating the masses with this kind of exposure we can
help apply pressure and develop a groundswell to stop MHC. At the very least
we can inform and forewarn senior citizens and mobile home communities
nationwide about the true nature of MHC and this systematic pillaging of old

Case study:

Mobile Home Communities (MHC), through an endless barrage of lawsuits
containing thinly veiled blackmail and threats, is harassing thousands of
elderly, fixed income mobile home park residents. (MHC owns over 150 parks,
one-third in California).

In De Anza Mobile Home Park in Santa Cruz, after 8 years of defending against a
string of lawsuits, both the city and De Anza’s elderly residents threw in the
towel. MHC prevailed in a legal challenge to rent control, causing widespread
financial ruin, simply because there was no more money to fight off MHC’s team
of legal thugs.

I am requesting that the Attorney General investigate this matter because it
impacts thousands of California seniors living in mobile home parks. The
unbridled activities of MHC are having the effect of WMD’s.

MHC’s CEO does not slap around Aunt Betty and steal her purse. He goes after
hundreds of lifesavings at a time, leaving in his wake depression, anger, fear,
hopelessness, poverty and despair.

Is this not financial and psychological abuse of the worst kind?
Surely this is a public matter worthy of attention by the Attorney General’s

The Attorney General’s offices in several other states are actively defending
and protecting their seniors from the abuses of this billion-dollar

Letter to Wall Street Journal 3/2004

Warren Buffett, GMAC and others hoping to profit from an upswing in the mobile
home industry cannot afford to ignore a critical factor affecting any

This factor also accounts for why anyone would deliberately trash a mobile home
before vacating it.

Mobile home parks, traditionally mom and pop businesses catering to seniors,
have been discovered by Wall Street REIT’s which are gobbling up parks and
aggressively raising rents.

From California to Delaware, owners of mobile homes, especially the elderly,
find life in a double wide increasingly hard as rents rise faster than their
income. Most mobile home residents own their home but not the land, which they
rent from the park owners.

In a nationwide land-grab contributing to the repossession of 100,000 mobile
homes last year, MHC, the largest and most aggressive mobile home park owner in
the country (they own 200 parks in 23 states), is systematically challenging
and overturning local laws and ordinances, even those designed to protect
seniors from unfair rent increases.

Under the guise of “fiduciary responsibility” to their shareholders, MHC
squeezes residents by aggressively raising rents as much as five-fold. The
prohibitive cost and impracticality of moving a mobile home leave the
mobile-home owner little choice but to pay up or get out. New buyers are
scared away by the astronomical rent for the land.

This effectively shuts down the marketplace. With no buyers, the resident has
no recourse but to abandon the home when they fall ill, die or, in some cases
are evicted for failure or inability to pay the (exorbitant) rent increases.
MHC then steps in and buys the abandoned home from the unfortunate lender for
pennies on the dollar.

This egregious business practice is leaving in its wake widespread poverty,
despair and hopelessness, especially among the nations senior citizens who
account for half of all mobile home residents.

Any court victories favoring residents are inevitably followed by appeals and
further legal challenges until at last the mostly elderly residents are left
with no money to continue the fight.

The question is, where do you draw the line between social consciousness and
what you need to do to satisfy Wall Street?

Is it any wonder that even the generally docile senior citizen is tempted to
consider trashing a home upon leaving, given that the new de-facto owner is the
very corporation responsible for their misery?
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